This past Friday (Nov. 25), Yo Gotti's manager Mel Carter died unexpectedly, and Gotti used his Instagram account to post a heartfelt message dedicated to his music business comrade shortly afterward. While the cause of Carter's untimely death has yet to be revealed, it's clear that he will be missed dearly, as other rappers have followed in Gotti's footsteps and used social media to show love to Carter ever since.

On Instagram, T.I. posted a picture of Mel sitting down to smoke, captioning it, "RIP OG Mel!!! You were always well known & well respected in this thing of ours. You'll truly be missed. Love & Respect." T.I.'s sentiments are shared by many, as Mel had been a major figure in the rap game for a long time. For their part, Wu-Tang Clan tweeted out, "Our prayers go out to the family of our beloved brother and Wutang family member Mel Carter, Rest In Peace. #raekwon #superfeminaent."

For reasons everyone understands, Gotti's social media tribute was the longest. In his touching Instagram dedication, Gotti let everyone know just how important Carter's presence was to his career. "You Helped Me! You Dedicated Ur Life To My Vision, To My DREAM , You Finally Got Me To Leave To Country & Go To UK, Dubai To See Da World, We Made Millions In Such A Short Time!" Gotti worte. "They Told Us We Needed A Big Feature To Get A No.1 Record , They Told Us We Will Never Do Shows In Vegas Cause I Was Too Gangsta .. We Luv To Hear Them Say What We Couldn't Do, So We Went Got Our 1st No.1 RECORD #Solo. We Went Got A Residency In VEGAS. We signed Artist They Asked us Y We Sign Them.. Then We Got Them Every Idea, Every Plan , Every Move I wanted To Make You Was Ready To Roll.. You My Nigga Dawg We Suppose To Be In Curaçao island RITE NOW... We Luv you Mel! #CMG P.s You Kept Tellin Me We Gotta Put #CM9 Out This Yr....ok #RestUpMel."

More than a few MCs are mourning the loss of Carter, and we've compiled a gallery of almost everything major rappers had to say in the last few days. You can peep it for yourself up top.