MobSquad Nard teamed up with MobSquad Snap Sosa for a smoking anthem called "Can't Smoke With Me." The track, which Nard gave the visual treatment, will serve as the first single off The Smoker's Club next mixtape.

At the top of the year, XXL caught up with MobSquad Nard to learn about his journey in the rap game. The Jacksonville native told us that he owes it all to his cousin.

"I really started taking rapping seriously when I got the motivation and people started pushing me," Nard said. "We just really used to make music in our spare time, just trying to get right at it and be great at it. When people started saying, 'Oh that nice, y’all like some of the rawest.' I probably wouldn’t have been rapping if it wasn’t for my cousin and it wasn’t for my family the MobSquad. We stuck at it and we got good at it, real good at it. To the point where it was just a no brainer to who had the talent. It was just second nature."

MobSquad Nard is currently focused on simple and attainable goals right now, but don't mistake that for a lack of confidence. He still has plenty of big aspirations.

"I have small goals right now," he said. "I have major goals too, but it’s just the small goals to bubble. I’m trying to get that check. Build my brand all the way up to the point where I’ll be worth my weight in gold, if not more. Just set the standards and put my city on the map. It’s stars out here and its been getting over looked for so long. I’m one of the many stars out here."

The Florida rhymer has more than a contribution to The Smoker's Club project on the way. MobSquad Nard recently announced a new mixtape called Nardo Da'Vinci, so look out for that in the near future.

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