Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill sent the Internet into a frenzy yesterday (Nov. 24) after Nicki posted a intimate photo on the 'Gram. In it, Meek appears to be taking a PS4 break while kissing on Nicki's toes.

Of course, the Internet has no zero trace amounts of chill. So Twitter lit up with people takings sides on the topic of kissing feet. "Meek Mill kissed Nicki feet? These celebrities be doing the most," one person tweeted.

"Y'all eat McDonald's but Meek Mill kan't kiss her girls feet smh. Y'all wild," another Twitter user noted.

"I've been preaching about sucking toes since I was 17 , meek mill kiss Nicki feet and that's goals now ? WHERE IS MY RESPECT," someone else posted.

We're pretty sure Meek has been licking a lot more than Minaj's feet, folks. Meek and Nicki have been an official couple for about a year and a half, and are showing no signs of falling off. Over that time period, a number of things have happened that could have caused issues (including Meek's beef with Drake and the Philly rapper's stint on house arrest). But the two have stayed the course despite the haters and are apparently having a toe-licking good time together.

Meek recently talked about what it's like to be dating the hottest chick in the game during an interview with Power 105.1, saying it's like a dream. “I think Nicki Minaj would make anybody change up their whole situation,” he said.

Check out a gallery of hilarious Twitter responses to Nicki's feet photo, below.