Bianca has returned for her second season as a cast member on Love & Hip Hop: New York and is currently working on breaking her new single. She has big plans to continue her rise to prominence. Yandy, who took on the role of Bianca's manager last season, is pleased with her client's growth as a performer and artist. During their conversation, she introduces Bianca to DJ Drewski, a rising DJ on New York's Hot 97 radio station. But little does Yandy know, Bianca and Drewski are already familiar with each other.

The two have a history that extends past simply business. When Bianca asks Drewski for a contact number, he says that she should already have it due to their previous dealings. She also inquires about his girlfriend, who happens to be his assistant. Drewski makes no attempt of keeping that secret and says she'll also be checking out Bianca's music too. The stage is set for a possible fling between the two down the line.

In an attempt to make J. Adrienne feel more comfortable in New York, Snoop sets up a get-together so that she can meet a few of Snoop's New York friends, including Juelz Santana. The two talk about how J. has been adjusting to life in the city that never sleeps and Juelz's music career. The topic turns to how Kimbella balances her relationship with Juelz and the constant women that come with his success and how she copes with it all. It seems that J. is still bothered by the situation between her and Snoop's fans during the previous episode and brings it up.

Cardi B and Swift link up in the studio to work on some music, but the innocent studio session soon turns steamy after she suggests the two pose for a picture. While Swift is apprehensive about his girlfriend seeing the post and getting jealous he obliges anyway, a move that may come back to haunt him down the line. But when the two get close for a photo, Swift takes the opportunity to go in for a kiss, which catches Cardi off guard. While she's surprised at Swift's boldness, Cardi seems to be open to locking lips with him again, but switches her attention back to the song the two are working on, as if the situation never happened.

DJ Self is looking to take the next step with his Gwinnin Entertainment venture and is looking to join forces with Snoop, who has her own record label, Gorgeous Gangsta, and introduce her to a few artists. Sofi Green, a Washington D.C. native who is in New York pursuing her career as an entertainer, makes her debut on Love & Hip Hop: New York. While Sofi has managed to impress DJ Self, Snoop takes no time in swooping in and attempting to take her under her wing by working her charm and dishing out compliments to the singer. With J. Adrienne out of town and not around to keep her in check, Snoop puts no limit on the praise she bestows upon Sofi Green and puts herself in dangerous territory.

Drewski meets up with his girlfriend Sky, who is not so happy about him attending a showcase without her knowledge, especially with Bianca, who he has a previous history with. However, Drewski maintains that his connection with Bianca is all business and that Sky has nothing to concern herself about.

Juelz, who stayed in the studio overnight and didn't get home until the morning, has managed to get on Kimbella's bad side. After being pressed about his whereabouts, Juelz says that he didn't make it home because he was busy working, but also gets perturbed about her not trusting him to be faithful. She also mentions an artist named Dep, a friend Juelz used to work with who's been around lately. He could be a negative influence and lead him to resume his philandering ways, but Juelz assures her she has nothing to worry about.

Papoose has announced his plans to expand his managerial role and Remy Ma shows up to the studio to meet the new artists that he's been talking about. But the Bronx beauty is in for a big surprise when it's revealed that her and Papoose's children are the new artists that he's interested in taking under his wing. Remy, who envisions the kids going off to college and pursuing professions outside of music, seems less than enthusiastic about the prospect of her kids making the leap in the rap game and warns them about its pitfalls. She lets them know that nepotism will not get them taken seriously as artists. But after a little prodding, the three get Remy to agree to give the kids a chance and see what they're made of.

Cardi B and Bianca catch up with each other about what's going in their respective lives. Bianca lets Cardi in on her reunion with Drewski and their previous dealings, concluding that she may be interested in pursuing him, whether his girlfriend likes it or not. However, Bianca also makes sure to mention Cardi's chemistry with Swift, prompting Cardi to confess about their kiss the previous night in the studio. While Cardi maintains that the kiss was innocent and is no big deal, Bianca continues to tease her about her new crush.

Dep and Juelz Santana are in the studio working on music while a few lovely ladies are in tow, but Kimbella shows up unexpectedly and is far from happy about what she sees. After ordering the girls out of the room and barking on Dep for having women around, she and Juelz discuss the situation and how it can be resolved. Kimbella maintains that she's uncomfortable with women being around Juelz, but he continues to assure her that recording music is his priority and that she can trust him to be faithful and respect their relationship.

In an attempt to prove themselves to Remy Ma, Papoose and the kids engage in a writing session and the two aspiring rappers perform in front of their mother for the first time. Although Remy takes issue with the profanity and subject matter, she quickly realizes that she underestimated the kids and that they have real talk and possibly could make waves in the music industry.

J. Adrienne has returned from her visit to Chicago and has caught wind of an Instagram post of Snoop canoodling with Sofi Green behind her back, which infuriates her and proves her assumptions about Snoop were true. As J. is packing her bags to leave, Snoop shows up and attempts to explain her side of the story and says that she was at the podcast on business and that she had no intentions of being intimate with Sofi Green. J. Adrienne doesn't buy Snoop's explanation and says she feels that Snoop isn't respecting her or their relationship and hasn't been holding up her end of the bargain as a mate. Things get to a head as the two continue to argue, but Snoop decides to diffuse the situation by exiting the premises and leaving J. Adrienne alone to vent and cool down. This leaves their future as a couple hanging in the balance until the next episode of Love & Hip Hop: New York.

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