The seventh season of Love & Hip Hop: New York debuted last night and breakout star Cardi B returns for her second season of the reality show. She's in good spirits due to her budding music career. Although she's been riding on a high since becoming a fan favorite last season, her incarcerated boyfriend Tommy has been pressuring her to settle down and have children when he gets released. So this news is stressing her out a bit. Her friend suggests that she put herself and her goals first and leave if Tommy doesn't change for the better.

Rich Nice, DJ Self and Cisco are also back in the fold for the latest season. The three meet up for a Creep Squad reunion. A new cast member of the Love & Hip Hop: New York is Felicia Pearson, better known as Snoop from the HBO hit show The Wire. She pops up on the trio. Snoop, who has moved to New York in search of a new start, joins the fellas and says she wants to be inducted as a member of the Creep Squad. The guys agree to bring Snoop into the fold, but only under the condition that she is able to successfully pick up an attractive female at the bar. Snoop succeeds, but little do Rich, DJ Self and Cisco know that the woman in question happens to already know Snoop and is actually her love interest, J. Adrienne. She's moved to New York to be with Snoop and pursue her own career.

Yandy, who was coming to terms with Mendeecess' incarceration during her last appearance on Love & Hip Hop, has a tense conversation with Samantha, Mendeecees' ex-girlfriend and the mother of one of his sons, Lil Mendeecees. Samantha says that she doesn't believe that Yandy has her son's best interest at heart. She doesn't trust Yandy or believe she should have any say over where her son should go or the things he should do, including going to visit Mendeecees in prison. The meeting ends on a sour note and no closer to a resolution.

Kimbella has returned and is still dating rapper and Dipset member Juelz Santana. The rapper, who professes his love for his girl, says that he's sacrificed his music career and been there for his family, but he needs to get back in the public eye. He wants Kimbella to be secure in their relationship, but she's had issues with Juelz's infidelity in the past. Kimbella remains skeptical, but doesn't press the issue further. But when Juelz says that he plans on working with Yandy, who Kimbella recently had a falling out with, she says that she feels Yandy needs to come to her and patch things up between the two so that they can move forward.

Cardi B rocks the crowd during one of her live performances and turns in a set that leaves attendees raving for more. While unwinding after the show, she begins flirting with Swift, who's especially aggressive. He is clearly attracted to Cardi B. Although she wants to remain loyal to Tommy, Cardi B admits to being attracted to Swift and is skeptical of whether she will be able to remain on her best behavior, being that the two will be embarking on a tour together to promote her music. Rapper Bianca, who made her debut on Love & Hip Hop: New York last season, is also in attendance at the show and has noticed the chemistry between Cardi and Swift. She thinks Cardi should pursue seeing Swift while she figures out what her future with Tommy will be.

Remy Ma, whose attempt at reviving her career was documented during the last season of Love & Hip Hop: New York, has been riding high due to the success of "All the Way Up, her collaboration with Fat Joe, and appears to be in a great space in her life. Her husband Papoose, who has assumed a managerial role and has been overseeing his wife's career, is also in a good mood these days, and has plans to expand his client list. However, he still remains adamant about wanting to settle down and add to their family. Remy, who promised to reward Papoose with a child if he gave her a dream wedding, has had second thoughts about holding her end of the bargain due to the resurgence in her popularity and suggests that they hold off on having the baby for now, a proposal he reluctantly agrees to consider.

Snoop may have been able to win the bet with the Creep Squad, but their appears to be trouble in paradise when Snoop's girlfriend, J. Adrienne, appears to be unsatisfied with how things have been going since she decided to move from Chicago to New York to be with Snoop. In an attempt to reassure J., Snoop thanks her for her sacrifices and promises that he will do anything to support her career, as well as her goal of becoming an actress.

Yandy and Juelz meet to discuss business and catch up on things. Although Yandy and Juelz's partner in rhyme Jim Jones had a falling out, she remains loyal to the rest of the Dipset crew, but admits that she and Kimbella have not been on the best of terms. Juelz suggests that the two sit down and settle their differences.

Cardi B has been feeling self-conscious about her teeth with all the jokes that people have made about them. As a result, she decides to see an orthodontist to straighten her teeth. Swift, who accompanies her to the appointment, is in the waiting room, but unexpectedly gets a FaceTime call from his girlfriend. After reassuring her that he and Cardi's relationship is strictly business and that she has nothing to worry about, he admits to not telling Cardi B that he has a girlfriend out of fear of ruining the chemistry between them.

Acquiring a new acting job has put a bit of a strain on Snoop and J. Adrienne's relationship. Since their on rocky terms, Snoop has attempted to make more time for her and gets a reservation for them at a restaurant. But when a group of fans approach the table to talk to Snoop, J. Adrienne loses her cool and goes into a tirade, causing Snoop to have to restrain her. While Snoop is turned on by her fire, she feels that J. mishandled the situation and needs to be a little more secure. Reiterating her displeasure with the progress in her own career, Snoop says that she needs to be patient.

Yandy and Kimbella meet up to discuss their differences and the two instantly begin to bicker over the root of their issues. Yandy discloses that she's been coping with Mendeecees' incarceration and her battle with Samantha. She took it personal that Kimbella never reached out to check up on her or comfort her. Kimbella apologizes for not being their for her friend and assures her that she's in Yandy's corner, leading the two to embrace and ending the new season of Love & Hip Hop on an emotional note.

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