While fights are usually the case, love is actually the focus of this episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. With Princess and Ray J's wedding quickly approaching, the bride is scrambling to put her guest list together, but is worried that her father won't be in attendance. Ray J's talk with his father about the wedding has made him feel better with their engagement. However, Brandi has been feeling apprehensive after learning of Princess' interest in getting a prenuptial agreement, so she meets up with Ray to spill the beans. Visibly shocked by the news, Ray begins to question whether he can trust his future wife or not.

The newlyweds-to-be throw a big party so that their families can get to know each other, but Ray J is bothered about the news that Brandi shared with him and confronts Princess. While she claims that she intended to let him know about the prenup all along, she has an issue with Brandi taking it upon herself to share the news and says that she no longer wants her to be in their wedding. Although Ray feels that Brandi shouldn't have shared the news, he doesn't think Princess should shift the blame to her, but take responsibility for her own actions. However, Princess remains adamant that Brandi will not be one of her bridesmaids, while Ray says that they'll have to iron things out regarding their prenup.

Teairra Mari meets with a lawyer to go over the details of her case. A lawyer says that she could possibly face up to a year in prison as a result of a previous altercation with an Uber driver. Nikki Baby is concerned about Teairra's welfare following her arrest and decides to check in on her friend. When discussing the root of her issues, Teairra says that her drinking makes her get out of character and that she's been using it as a coping mechanism. She also takes responsibility for the problems in her career, but says that she plans to stop drinking cold turkey, a claim that Nikki takes with a grain of salt. Comparing Teairra's alcohol dependency with that of her deceased brother, Nikki begins to get emotional and tear up. Teairra takes this as a sign that maybe she should take her drinking habit a bit more seriously.

Princess has informed Brandi that she will not be involved in her and Ray J's wedding, but he's still upset about her going behind her back to get a prenup. The two begin to bicker back and forth until Ray says that he could be in a strip club instead of at a party with her, and decides to leave with a few of his homies. But instead of going to the strip club like he threatened to do, Ray goes to his parents' house and thinks things over concerning his relationship with Princess. He has come to the conclusion that he wants to be with her and make things work.

But when he attempts to clear the air and apologize, Princess, who is still angered about him abruptly leaving their party and embarrassing her, says that she doesn't want to see him. Obviously upset, one of Princess' friends suggests that she and Ray hash things out before walking down the aisle. According to Princess, she's beginning to wonder if it's even worth getting married.

Ray J is unsure about whether he'll be getting married to Princess and appears distraught over the situation. He explains to his mother, Sonya, that there is friction between her and Princess and due to his mother's insistence about them getting a prenup, she's been getting in the way of their relationship. Ray J's mother decides to put her pride to the side and smooth things over. The gesture takes Princess by surprise, but the two are able to make amends, leading Princess to apologize to Ray and reassure him that she wants to get married. Ray then tells Princess to go down to the courtyard because he has a surprise for her, which happens to be her father. She wants to let the past stay behind them and to move forward in their relationship as father and daughter.

The big moment arrives and Ray J and Princess both take their walk down the aisle while Anthony Hamilton, who serves as the wedding singer, serenades all in attendance. Princess, who says that Ray J contacting her father to convince her that he truly cares for her, is fully confident in their love for each other. Now, officially pronounced husband and wife, Ray and Princess begin the next chapter their lives as one, and with all in attendance on the same page.

A-1 and Lyrica's mothers have grown closer and are now amicable and able to coexist. In light of all of the good will in the air, A-1 decides to apologize to Lyrica G for marrying her daughter without her being in attendance, effectively ending the longstanding beef between the two.

Back at the wedding reception, Ray J's sister, singer Brandy, sings as the newlyweds have their first dance. There are no signs of beef, anger or uncertainty in the air and all of their family and friends are in attendance. The bride and groom are both in great spirits and having the time of their life, making it the wedding that the two love birds had dreamed of all along and a great way to cap off a episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.

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