Lil Yachty sat down with 88rising recently to speak on his introduction to music and what he's got in store for his fans. Before performing his hit "1 Night," Lil Boat said that he's starting to expand his field of collaborators beyond just his friends. "I’m just starting to get outside of my camp. Got some stuff with Metro coming soon. Got some stuff with Sonny Digital coming soon…Chris Fresh, 808 Mafia," he says.

Later on, Yachty reveals that eat exclusively eats pizza, which those following him on Snapchat know full well. "I only eat pizza," he says when asked his favorite Asian cuisine. "I’ve been doing it for years. I eat pizza every day for my whole life. It’s just my life now." He says the habit started in the second grade and that pepperoni is his favorite style.

Watch the full interview up above, where Yachty also freestyles over a beat he can't help but compliment. He's said in the past that freestyling isn't really his thing but gives it a go here.

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