Masked rapper Leikeli47 drops the flashy visual for her song "Money" today (Nov. 2). First premiered on Paper Magazine and co-directed by 47 and her partner Dana Rice, the video finds Leikeli sporting mutiple face covering masks and devices while spittin' smooth bars about her continuous hustle. Cameras follow 47 through the studio, a street setting and into the club as she rocks an underground performance. She's even got a dope bobblehead effect going in one shot that the viewer can quickly commit to memory.

"Nigga I be in the crib, tryna find the bpm/Rehearsing for the next show in my kitchen/Fresh off a tour, but can't tell ya where I been/Maybe after 20 years, I'll start to take it in/Right now, I'm chasing Yen, Andover street again," raps 47 in the second verse.

Back when the track was first premiered back in August on Beats 1 Radio, 47 told listeners not to take the chorus so literally. "It's about work. Real money don't complain, we make it happen," she told Beats 1 Ebro Darden.

The Brooklyn MC and RCA signee first got on many rap fans' radar when Jay Z put her viral single "F**k The Summer Up" on his very first Tidal Playlist. Though wearing a ski mask usually has a negative connotation behind it, 47 doesn’t don one to commit crimes but rather to transform into a her full-fledged rap persona.

“The mask gives me magical powers," she said when XXL interviewed her for The Break. "I’m able to open up, I’m able to curse—I don’t curse, I barely curse—but I’m able to express myself just the way I want. This mask is just a big fuck you to a lot of people at times. That’s just what it is.”

Get into the party mood with Leikeli47's new "Money" video above.

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