K Camp and Slim Jxmmi are living in an animated fantasy for the "Free Money" video, released today (Nov. 15). The turnt up duo throw Benjamins while surrounded by scantily-clad models in the three-minute clip and, getting straight to the point, ask the girls what they're willing to do for a bag.

"Bitch what you gon' do for the cash, huh?/Can a nigga get it on camera, let me know what's up/If you some friends down to fuck, then you clutch/I'm a keep tossin' money up till these hoes bust a nut," raps Jxmmi.

"I make it thunder on shawty/I threw a bundle on shawty/What you gon' do for the cash?/Sippin' Hen while I grip on that ass," spits K Camp.

With neon special effects and infomercial graphics and writing on screen, whole thing is like a psychedelic episode of Adult Swim, complete with a healthy dose of ass-clappin'.

"Free Money" is the standout banger from Camp's latest EP, Lyric Ave, which he dropped back in September and executive produced himself. The last time XXL caught up with the former XXL Freshman, K Camp was adamant about showing his growth as an artist.

"You have to stay ahead of the curve and make sure you don’t get left behind," K Camp explained. "That’s the most important thing. The niggas coming in can easily change the whole game and then the nigga that’s rapping about politicians, they don’t want to hear that shit anymore.

Watch Jxmmi and K Camp wild out in their "Free Money" video above.

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