Today is Monday, Nov. 7, so that means it's the beginning of Durag History Week, if your raggedy ass didn't know. The celebration began three years ago, when Twitter user Vann R. Newkirk II started randomly recognizing the greatness of the accessory by tweeting out pictures of black men and women wearing durags. After all, the preservation of your waves should be a cause celebrated nationally, so people on Twitter have already begun the 2016 festivities by posting their favorite pictures of rappers wearing durags.

There's Sillk the Shocker, in all his benign glory, and Hov, sitting on the couch, sipping a Pinot Noir, waiting for Beyoncé to get home. 50 Cent makes a couple appearances, whether it be for the Get Rich or Die Trying packaging or being ushered somewhere by the late, great Chris Lighty, and Ja Rule finally gets his just due for wearing the accessory for most of his career.

Eminem had a thing for durags in the early 2000s, so obviously he's in there too, and who can forget when Nelly rocked one in the video for his BET Uncut classic "Tip Drill"? Even the keeper of the waves Memphis Bleek makes an appearance.

So look through a couple of the grandest moments when rappers rocked durags above, and remember—rock that full body durag to make sure your waves roll on eternally.

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