Young Maryland-bred rapper G Two is back with his new EP Neo-Noir, a project influenced by the film genre made famous by filmmakers like Martin Scorsese and Quentin Tarantino. The 7-track EP has guest appearances by Passport Los and Siaira Shawn. He previously released singles "That Soul,” and “Murda Mami” off the album.

G was away from music for several years and hasn't dropped a project since Trillmatic in 2012. He had a recent interview discussing his absence.

"Since Trillmatic‘s release I’ve gone through so many changes in life, from friendships, relationships, to business partners and management," he said. "I also moved from the DMV to NYC, and since then I’ve really tried painstakingly to discover the next level for myself artistically. I consider myself an artist and a visionary, so I wanted to transcend just being a rapper and really create works that speak for where I — and so many like myself — stand in black/ urban culture. I took some time to rediscover my purpose, message, and how I wanted to deliver it."

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