Tonight (Oct. 2) marks the final game of the 2016 Major League Baseball season when the Chicago Cubs take on the Cleveland Indians in game 7 of the World Series. With both teams looking to stop the championship droughts that have avoided them for so many years, the game will be one for the ages tonight.

Indians fans last celebrated a Major League title in the year 1948, but Cubbie fans have had to wait over 98 years just to make it to baseball's final dance. With the sports world focused on tonight's big game, XXL caught up with Chicago rapper G Herbo, who attended Game 4 of the World Series (his very first baseball game), to get his thoughts on the final game and the impact of the Cubs in Chicago.

For Herbo, who's a diehard Chicago White Sox fan, the Cubs may not be his favorite team of choice, but the fact that the other baseball team from Chicago may win the championship makes the rapper root for the Cubs and his city. "I’m a major White Sox fan but you know I gotta support Chicago on this one," he tells XXL. "I want the Cubs to honestly win and we still have a shot. The Cubs are really good and I didn’t even know how good they were until I went to game 4 of the World Series. It’s real diehard Cubs fans just like there is Sox fans."

When asked about the impact of the Cubs in Chicago right now, Herbo shared that Cubs fever is all over the Windy City -- the World Series can't be avoided. "The city is crazy right now!" Herb shares. "When I left Game 4 I saw people downtown that’s from the hood, like my area, chilling around Wrigley Field, and I know they were’t at the Cubs game. So the city is crazy right now. Everyone is outside and everyone is heading over to Wrigley Field to be a part of this moment."

Despite his favorite White Sox failing to make it to the World Series, Herbo did touch on the importance of the Cubs as a franchise and why taking the 'Chip tonight would make history for the National League team. "When the White Sox won in ’05 the city was insane," G Herbo says. "With the Cubs, I mean it’s been over a 100 years since they won a World Series, so it’s definitely a huge thing in Chicago. When I was at Game 4 I was literally sitting right next to the guy that hasn’t missed a Cubs game since ’62 and they said he spends over 200 grand in tickets."

When asked about a prediction for tonight's game, the Ballin' Like Kobe creator made it clear that he was going with the Cubbies with the Chicago team beating the Indians tonight, "7-3."

Catch Game 7 of the World Series between the Cubs and Indians tonight at 8 p.m. on Fox.

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