It's not really a discussion at this point: Dame Lillard is the best basketball player/rapper of all-time. The Blazers point guard recently stopped by Sway in the Morning and ripped yet another freestyle.

You can view the full interview and freestyle (which includes a hilarious appearance from Gary Busey) above via YouTube. Starting around the 6:20-mark, Lillard raps over fellow Oakland native Luniz's classic instrumental "I Got 5 on It." He kicks off his verse by spitting,"When you polished like me, it be a problem for the system/They love it when I hoop but my inspired side gets 'em/I could tell you stories, been in triumh, been a victim/Never been another with my 'isms or my mixture/They said I couldn't make it, sadly incorrect/I'm finessin' situations, savvy in the flesh."

He continues, "I know my destination, ain't no navi in effect/If Southwest booked, then I'm grabbin' me a jet/I got plenty friends that been in jams and they dug out/We had some scuffles and arguments that we hugged out/But in my biggest of moments I seen 'em bug out/I got some friends I know that they never run mouth."

In case you missed it, be sure to check out Lillard's debut album The Letter O. The 12-track project contains guest features from artists including Lil Wayne, Juvenile, Jamie Foxx and Raphael Saadiq. Basketball fans will get a kick out of the title of the album’s opening track, called “Bill Walton," but the Weezy-assisted “Loyal to the Soil” is the definite standout record.

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