Earlier this week, a release schedule was shared online that seemed to suggest a new Childish Gambino album titled Awaken, My Love! would be out in a matter of weeks, on Dec. 2. There was no word from Donald Glover himself though, that is, until he posted the above image to Twitter Wednesday night (Nov. 9), not only confirming the album's existence but sharing the cover art as well.

Gambino has not released a project since dropping STN MTN and Kauai on consecutive days in October of 2014. He performed new music at a show dubbed Pharos at Joshua Tree in early September, many taking that to be the title of any upcoming release. Speaking with Jimmy Fallon beforehand, Glover confirmed he would be performing new music, saying, “I have all these songs and I want people to feel like it felt to be in them.” Whether that new music would receive proper packaging though remained undetermined, and when new Gambino music appeared on Glover's FX hit Atlanta, it was confirmed a show-specific tune.

Interestingly enough, Reddit users figured out that Gambino had already shown us the album cover in a scene from an episode late in Atlanta's first season.

Atlanta finished that stellar first season earlier this month, Glover's vision and comedy resonating across the board. The show has already been picked up for a second season, and set a new record for viewership for a cable comedy series premiere, with 1.8 million total viewers. DG will keep the positive momentum rolling with this new album release, Awaken, My Love! expected to drop three weeks from tomorrow.

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