While many Americans are still reeling in the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election, Bodega Bamz is ready to use the the talking heads for his new artform. The New York rapper's new video for "Can't Stop" (Nov. 15) features Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump...sort of. Directed by Reel Culture Media, the nearly three-minute clip finds Bodega and the Tanboys in the woods flexin' their freedom of speech. While video girls rock Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump masks and his boys wave Dominican and Puerto Rican flags in the air, Bodega handles a rifle and raps.

"The game driving me insane, purple rain in a coffee cup/Every time I shop, you know I gotta double up/Cuban link—Double up!, pinky ring—Double up!/Two girls, double trouble/And they got the bubble bubble," spits Bodega.

Produced by Tall Ted, "Can't Stop" is off Bodega's June mixtape All Eyez Off Me. It's interesting that Bodega uses images of president-elect Trump in his new video considering the fact that much of Trump's campaign rhetoric preyed upon Latino immigrants in the country. A proud Latino rapper, Bodega has always been steadfast in putting on for an ethnicity in an industry that he feels undermines Spanish spitters.

"You’re never going to see the rap game dominated by Latinos," Bodega told XXL last year. "But you will see a few make it out of the crop who will be making as much noise as everyone else and that’s what you see Bodega Bamz and the Tanboys doing.”

Peep Bodega's new video for "Can't Stop" above.

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