Birdman has announced the new album for his Cash Money artist Trev Rich. The Denver rapper's album is called To Make a Long Story Short and is set to be released on Dec. 19.

Baby has promised a number of projects in 2016 to no avail. Back in May, he announced the Rich Gang 2 project would be dropping in July. The release of that project never came.

The same month, he promised his solo album Ms. Gladys would drop in June. June came and went without the LP seeing the light of day.

Then, in July he made the revelation that a solo LP titled From Tha Briks would be dropping that month. Nada.

Birdman met the Denver MC in the Miami studio Hit Factory. Rich played Baby two songs, "Score" and "All Mine," winning the attention of the Cash Money CEO. The songs have yet to be released, but chances are they'll end up on the upcoming album.

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