Fresh off the airing of her show-stopping freestyle at the BET Hip-Hop Awards a few days ago, Young M.A is flexing harder than ever. Recently, the talented young MC copped herself a pearly white 2017 Audi A7. You can see the flossy whip for yourself in the video up top.

In the video we see the "OOOUUU" performer cruising in her new wheels as she preaches about the power of hardwork and listens to the song that propelled her to the top of the NYC hip-hop scene. "This what happens when you do good things and you work hard," she says in one part of the vid. She continues, "You see what it is. You gotta work hard for this shit man. I worked hard, that's why I got it."

Young M.A is definitely grinding and showing out any chance she gets. One of those chances came during the BET Hip-Hop Awards earlier this week, where she had one of the best freestyles of the night. As awesome as her freestyle was, M.A says BET cut out a good portion of it, and she wasn't too happy.

“Yo, they cut mad of my cypher, son,” she says in the clip below. “You know, I said way more than that, they split my shit up and put that shit in some small ass time [frame].” On Wednesday (Oct. 5), she followed up those comments with a few more appreciative words in an Instagram post. “Even tho it was chopped short.. I still appreciate the opportunity it’s a couple things I touched on that they didn’t show that’s why I was a little disappointed,” she wrote. “But I just want to say thank you to all my supporters for supporting me no matter what.”

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