The 2016 presidential election is just weeks away and with the country gearing up to pick its next Commander-in-Chief, one rapper who hasn’t been shy to speak out and share his thoughts on the current political climate is Chicago native Vic Mensa.

Mensa has been giving fans a closer look at his socially conscious side with his new EP, There’s A Lot Going On. Tracks like "16 Shots" and "Free Love" give some insight into his current state of mind while detailing the social injustices throughout the country. The EP not only showcases Vic’s new direction and growth musically, but it also serves as a way for him to help encourage his fans to register and vote. The project was free of charge for anyone who pledged or registered to vote.

The rapper continues spreading his message on the importance of voting during a studio visit in his hometown of Chicago.

“One avenue of power that we do have is our right to vote and people don’t realize how precious it is and how many people are being deprived of that right by being incarcerated and slapped with felonies for things that are being dropped down to misdemeanor charges now, so many drug charges," he shares with XXL. "They're pulling people’s right to vote, you know, left and right, and expecting people with no car to drive 15 miles to go vote. So when you’re in middle of a city somewhere and you have the ability to step outside your door and impact the world you live in, I think that it’s very important that we do that.”

The Innanetape creator also discusses the changes he would make in the U.S. if he was elected president and the solutions he would provide to help those in need. Mensa would even change the White House to the Black House if he took President Obama's place.

Check out Vic Mensa talk politics and the changes he would make as a president in the video above.

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