Mick Jenkins got a serious challenge during his appearance on Sway in the Morning. Producer David Sisko brought some unconventional beats, which Sway decided to use for the latest freestyle session.

Sway warned Jenkins that the production would be unusual, but the Chicago rapper said he could handle it. Although Jenkins had a little trouble with first beat, he found the pocket on the second and wowed everyone in the studio with his performance.

"We lost one, just know that I can never get that jaded/If ever a bone to pick, know I'd never be dislocated/I'm off one, turning with the sage for the good vibes/Better know you fucking with some good guys/But if you ever feel the drop sets from your hood at us/Know that in a swift moment we could be Goodfellas, it's not a game," Jenkins rapped.

Sway was very impressed by Jenkins' ability to ride the unique production. The veteran host has seen all type of freestyles, but this one obviously connected with him in a special way. After Jenkins was done, Sway asked for some silence to appreciate what just went down.

Jenkins is currently riding high off the release of his debut album The Healing Component, which dropped last month. The excellent LP lived up to the hype Jenkins created with his impressive work on Wave[s] and The Water[s]. If you want to learn more about Jenkins' journey, check out his interview with Sway below.

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