Here's something you don't see every day. MF DOOM presided over a wedding ceremony for Egon, a one-time general manager for Stones Throw who went on to found his own label, Now-Again. DOOM has been signed to Stones Throw for over a decade, photos of him officiating the wedding shown up above. Considering it was Halloween weekend, the mask-wearing rapper was a perfect choice.

In November of last year, DOOM announced his intentions to drop new music on 2016, though the window to do so is closing rapidly. “Lot of good shit coming up this year… and any year,” he said in a new “A Villainous Adventure” video that follows the eccentric MC island hopping. “Out here healin’ up and freshin’ up and shit. Gettin’ ready to come through and fuck y’all up!” After releasing a the single "Lively Hood" and performing together, many thought the DOOM and Ghostface Killah collab album DOOMSTARKS was forthcoming, but thus far there has been no further indication to suggest that that's true.

Check out the photos of Metal Face officiating the wedding above, what is likely a favor he only grants to close friends.

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