Love is in the air during this episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, unlike last week.

Nikki, who has been leaving a trail of broken hearts so far during this season, says she has been reflecting on the course her love life has taken over the past year and is looking to make amends for her actions. She pops up on Rosa Acosta, who she hasn't seen since running into each other at their event. Rosa shares her grievances and says that she felt like she was taken advantage of by Nikki, who was also seeing Safaree during their fling. The death of Nikki's brother caused her to put her guard up, but she tells Rosa that she's working on handling things in more productive and courteous ways. The two find common ground and agree to let bygones be bygones and resume their friendship.

Ray J, Max, Princess and Brandi are hanging out at the studio, and Brandi and Princess asks Jason Lee to stop by and give them a glimpse of the embarrassing sex tape that he's gotten his hands on. The footage makes all of the parties involved cringe, especially Ray J, who feels a bit funny about being involved in Brandi's quest for revenge and being connected to leaking a sex tape.

A-1 and Lyrica's mother are still at odds following their dust-up over the waist trainer. As a result, Lyrica's mother decides to get his car towed since he has it registered under her name. A-1's mother, who is also present, becomes infuriated at her sister-in-law's actions. She attempts to engage Lyrica's mom in a fight, but the two are separated before they're able to get their hands on each other. The cold war between the two matriarchs is far from over.

Princess and Ray J are still in the process of planning their wedding and the two begin to clash when Ray J's mother steps in to add her own two cents into what the finishing touches will be. Although Princess wants Ray J to be involved, she takes umbrage at his mother's aggressive suggestions, but attempts to coexist to keep the peace.

A-1 breaks the news that Lyrica's mother to his wife that she towed his car. But things take a turn when A-1's mother begins to insult Lyrica's mother. After deciding that her mother-in-law is being a tad bit too disrespectful, she attempts to attack her, but is quickly restrained by A-1. The newlyweds are both taken aback by each other's actions, potentially putting their union on shaky ground.

Sonya, Ray J's mother, continues to voice her concerns of the state of him and Princess' engagement and whether they're ready to tie the knot. While listing the reasons she believes that Ray J and Princess shouldn't be married, Princess walks in on the conversation and feels offended by the way she is being portrayed and the manner in which she's being talked about. She also voices her fear that Sonya's own apprehension will influence Ray J and his own perception of their relationship.

Nikki and Safaree meet up again to discuss the status of their dealings, and the two appear to be making progress. Safaree asks Nikki to promise that they'll work towards being in an exclusive relationship, a request which Nikki agrees to.

Max wants revenge for Moniece's hurtful actions towards Brandi, but doesn't want to slander her character with the release of a sex tape. He catches up with Fizz to explain the situation and come clean about his intentions in an attempt to spare all parties involved in any further public embarrassment. Fizz, who is also aware of Jason Lee, says he intends to hit him up and to patch up the situation to the best of his ability.

Fizz decides to have a sit-down with Moniece to discuss her actions and the existence of their sex tape. Moniece instantly gets on the defensive and says that she would expect Brandi not to expose such damaging footage out of compassion as a mother herself, but is left without any options other than to accept Fizz's assistance in diffusing the situation.

In light of her run-in with Ray J and Sonya, Princess shows up to one of Ray J's video shoots and takes issue with him grinding up against a woman. While Ray J explains that he's simply acting and that she shouldn't take out her issues with his mother on him, she continues to excoriate his actions, which puts the first inklings of doubt into his head about whether their marriage will be able to flourish. Perturbed by what he perceives as Ray J's controlling ways, Ray J has decided to blow off steam and not come home following the video shoot.

Fizz steps to Jason Lee to discuss the rumored sex tape that he has possession of, and the conversation quickly turns tense. While Jason Lee explains that he doesn't have possession of the tape, but access to it, Fizz disregards the comments and requests that he dispose of the tape, a request which Lee says he is unable to oblige. However, in a turn of events, Moniece herself shows up to the pow wow and decides to plead her own case.

Moniece immediately attempts to threaten Jason Lee with legal action. He fires back, saying that he's doing this to turn Moniece down a notch and has no personal issue with her -- Jason's just following protocol. However, when Fizz further presses for the identity of the other participant in the tape, Jason reveals that the person is a rapper. Since he doesn't divulge much more, things are left a mystery, which will be revealed in next week's episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.

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