Lil Wayne's ode to groupie love "1 Night Only" gets an official reboot thanks to Streetrunner, who produced the track and has released it today, adding a new layer of finish. The song was originally featured on Wayne's 2007 mixtape The Drought Is Over 4, though Streetrunner provides some context with the newly posted version.

"This song was made circa May 2006," he writes on SoundCloud. "Wayne recorded 'One Night Only' and 'RappaPomPom' the same night within hours of passing him my beat tape. 'One Night Only' was on hold for Tha Carter 3 until it eventually leaked." The updated track was mixed and mastered by Tommy Peluso.

Wayne's self-aggrandizement here is familair as he spins an encounter with a woman as beneficial to her man. "Now all the hoes hate her, the dudes wanna date her/Her nigga saw her leave, she deal with him later/Right now she with the greatest, I'm even homie's favorite/How could he even blame her, she doin him a favor," he raps.

Streetrunner has been touching up old Wayne songs all year, rereleasing "Heavenly Father" in July, "Pray to the Lord" in June and "Trouble" in February. Listen to the latest remaster above, with Wayne saying in September that Dedication 6 with DJ Drama is on the way. “I’m currently working on it as we speak,” he said. “I’m going to find some time to get with DJ Drama when it’s right and then give it to the world!”

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