Kevin Abstract's American Boyfriend will be arriving next month. The Texas native went on Twitter yesterday (Oct. 23) to announce a Nov. 18 release date for his new album.

Fans have not received a lot of previews of the upcoming LP. Kevin Abstract's last release came in September when he dropped a music video for the lead single "Empty." The visual also marked Kevin Abstract's directorial debut.

One of the few insights about the album came from a USA Today article that was published in February. Kevin Abstract spoke about his desire to make something more unique than his label wanted.

"I purposefully played [the first song] because I didn’t wanna give them any ‘safe’ songs. I could’ve given them something that was more accessible, but nothing would’ve come out of that,” he said. “He didn’t like the first one but liked the second one because it sounded more ‘familiar’ to him. That’s [expletive] up. That just tells me all you want is more of the same. That [expletive] is just boring as [expletive]. It gets you nowhere.”

Outside of that, the information about Kevin Abstract's American Boyfriend has been very scarce. Earlier this year, he put out a few collaborations with Allan Kingdom. "The Kingdom" arrived in February, then the two linked up against for "Slit My Wrist" in April. An unfinished solo track called "Cut Out" was also released. But at this time, "Empty" is the only song that's confirmed for American Boyfriend.

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