One week ago, Kevin Abstract announced the release date for his upcoming album American Boyfriend. Today (Oct. 31), the Texas native drops the cover art and tracklist.

You can view the cover art above via Abstract's official Twitter account. The tracklist contains 16 tracks with zero features. In case you missed it, check out Abstract's music video for "Empty," which features a girl catching her boyfriend cheating on her. Kevin also makes his directorial debut with the video. On the song, he raps, “Sweaty palms as I walk down this empty road/I got a mom, but we ain’t spoke in I don’t know/I had her heart, don’t speak to me anymore/And life get hard but these last days been meaning more."

In February, USA Today published an article in which Abstract describes playing the album for his label. According to Abstract, the label wanted something that seemed "familiar." As a result, he did the exact opposite. Abstract said, “I purposefully played [the first song] because I didn’t wanna give them any ‘safe’ songs. I could’ve given them something that was more accessible, but nothing would’ve come out of that ... He didn’t like the first one but liked the second one because it sounded more ‘familiar’ to him. That’s [expletive] up. That just tells me all you want is more of the same. That [expletive] is just boring as [expletive]. It gets you nowhere.”

Check out the tracklist below.

Kevin Abstract's American Boyfriend Tracklist
1. "Empty"
2. "Seventeen"
3. "Blink"
4. "Friendship"
5. "Tattoo."
6. "Yellow"
7. "Suburbian Born"
8. "Kin"
9. "Runner"
10. "Flintridge"
11. "Papercut"
12. "June 29th"
13. "Miserable America"
14. "American Boyfriend"
15. "Echo"
16. "I Do (End Credits)"

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