With almost 15 years in the business and a knack for instigating his rivals, Joe Budden is no stranger to rap beef. While Budden stopped by The Combat Jack Show podcast recently to promote his latest album Rage & The Machine, the New Jersey rapper chimed in on Drake, one of his former rivals, dissing Pusha T and Kid Cudi in his new song "Two Birds, One Stone."

"The fact that we're even talking about Drake in that arena is a win for Drake," said Budden when questioned.

On the new track, one of four new bangers Drizzy premiered on his birthday edition of OVO Sound Radio Sunday (Oct. 23), Drake spits, "You were the man on the moon/Now you just go through your phases/Life of the angry and famous.” Many Cudder fans took this line to be a shot at Kid Cudi's wavering mental health lately. It was earlier this month that Mescudi checked himself into rehab for depression.

Elsewhere on the same song, Drake also takes a shot at King Push by questioning the G.O.O.D. Music president's dope dealing past. “But really, it’s you with all the drug dealer stories that’s gotta stop though/You made a couple chops and now you think you Chapo/If you ask me though you ain’t lining the trunk with kilos/You bagging weed with all your niggas watching Pacino,” Drake raps.

Though Drake's meteoric rise this year has been met with jabs from his adversaries, pretty much every diss thrown his way has managed to roll off his back. It seems no matter the caliber of the MC, no one is capable of knocking the 6ix God off his chart-topping throne. But Budden did make one prediction about who will eventually spell Drake's downfall and that's Drake himself.

"His arrogance is what will eventually be the demise of him," said Budden at one point. Hear the 80-minute conversation for yourself below.

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