We don't get to see the mastermind DJ Quik in the studio too much, so when we do, we don't take it for granted.

This past Sunday (Oct. 23), IG user JazThaGoddess was in the lab with Quik and crew when she put a clip up of what they were playing—and it sounds crazy.

In the clip above, you can hear Dom Kennedy spitting a verse, and that's Problem on the "yeah" adlibs. Since Problem and Quik are apparently working on their full-length collab album Rosecrans, it seems like this song might be off that upcoming project.

But that also might not be just Quik on production. A producer named Macado chimed in on the message board that picked up the above clip and said those are actually his drums in the clip over a beat by Quik and Polyester the Saint, the latter being another dope ass West Coast producer who dropped his American Muscle project earlier this year.

According to Macado, the song is called "Bad Azz," and Kurupt was going to be on a different song with the same drums earlier this year. You can hear a preview of that below.

Macado also said the Rosecrans album was supposed to drop in November, but "Quik is really perfecting the mix so who knows."

In addition, Macado also shared a snippet of a song he produced featuring Problem, Bad Lucc, Dom Kennedy and Brittany B. Hear that below as well.

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