While the details of the altercation had between Azealia Banks and Russell Crowe this past weekend at the Beverly Hills Hotel continue to come out, there is at least one official fallout from the scene as the working relationship between her and RZA has officially ended. Banks apparently pulled out of her impending deal with the Wu-Tang leader's label after he backed up Crowe's account of the evening instead of her own. You can watch her talk about it above.

Banks was the RZA's guest to Crowe's hotel suite party, reportedly being removed from the suite after making threats toward another guest. She accused Crowe of using the n-word toward her, though RZA was on record as saying that it was Banks not Crowe who was using that language.

In the above video, Banks continues to give her side of the story saying that RZA didn't stand up for her because he "doesn’t have that much clout in a room full of real high powered Hollywood white men. [He] just stood there like a chump."

She additionally said, "I showed up in the middle of a really boozy party. When men are making jokes you’re not supposed to be funny. There was a lot of trying to put me in my place which kinda backfired. When it comes to bruising male egos, when somebody's holding court in their party, and then you rag on them, then you’re getting choked and spit on."

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