A 16-year-old Indigenous Australian facing 49 theft and burglary charges was told by a judge to be more like 50 Cent, the Independent reports. The judge, Dean Potter, used 50 as an example of pulling oneself out of trying circumstances, replacing a life of crime and punishment with one of success.

“Like you, 50 Cent came from the most tragic, traumatic circumstances. He was able to rise above them through sheer hard work and dedication," Potter said. "I think you have the potential to do the same and avoid a life in that criminal justice system."

The teen received an order of six months of intensive supervision and 40 hours of community service for 14 of the 49 counts, Potter saying that the boy's mother would punish him for the rest. "You don't want to be part of the problem, you want to be part of the solution" ABC reports Potter as saying. "In 10 years I want to look you up and see your successes."

While Indigenous people make up 2.5 percent of Australia's total pollution, they made up 27 percent of the prison population in 2015. Potter was sympathetic to the teens background, saying, "If people were able to walk a mile in your shoes, I think they'd be as astounded by you as I am." For additional information on the scene, visit the Independent and ABC. While most rappers find success through hardship, 50 has parlayed his music career into a hit TV show and more, making him one of the more recognizable names in hip-hop across the globe.

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