2 Chainz is dropping a new mixtape and clothing collection. Earlier today (Oct. 27), the Atlanta rapper announced that his latest releases will arrive tonight.

"TONITE, TONITE, TONITE!!!! The Hibachi For Lunch Mixtape and Collection drops!!!" 2 Chainz wrote on Instagram. "Hit the comments 👇🏿 Let me know ur fav collection & song to match."

2 Chainz's post revealed that "Good Drank," his recent collaboration with Gucci Mane and Quavo, will appear on the Hibachi for Lunch mixtape. The project is also going to include the following tracks: "Diamonds Talking Back," "Lil Baby" featuring Ty Dolla Sign, "Day Party," "Doors Open" featuring Future and "Here We Go Again."

Hibachi for Lunch will be 2 Chainz's fourth project of 2016. Although he has put out a ton of material this year, the "Feds Watching" rapper still plans to release another album.

"I’m dropping another album this year,” he told Rolling Stone in April.. “More in-depth, more feeling, more storytelling. Just some more emotion on this album. It is going to be more personal, it’s time for that. I got things that are hard for me to communicate about, but music is very therapeutic for me. I have some things that I just really, really need to get off my chest, and by me not actually having a counselor—the booth is that for me. It’s time for me to unlock my heart, it’s time for to release all these emotions I’ve been through, from my days of 13, 14, 15, to now my thirties, it’s just time for me… to spread my wings and let them know this me, this is the reason why I am this way. That’s what it is."

2 Chainz has shown that he will release a project without prior warning, so don't be shocked if the album drops in the coming weeks.

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