Flying Lotus just brought a whole new meaning to 'You've got mail.' The famed producer and DJ appeared on Adult Swim's The Eric Andre Show last night (Aug. 18) and made a quick beat out of the sounds of checking his emails. Not kidding.

"Ladies and gentleman, tonight on the show Flying Lotus checks his emails!" screams Andre, intro'ing the hilariously cool feat from FlyLo. With Andre and his guest, Hannibal Burress, as hype men and a strategically placed smoke machine, Lotus proceeds to go down his unread messages and type responses. The clip's essence of jaunty immaturity is right on par with Adult Swim's MO.

In case you didn't know, FlyLo's career actually took off because of Adult Swim. While still attending Los Angeles Film School, he first submitted his experimental beats for Adult Swim commercials during the channel's fledging days.

Now a go-to beat maker in experimental hip-hop, the Brainfeeder artist is moving into the directoral space. FlyLo recently debuted Royal, the first short film from his label at Sundance NEXT Festival. And he's not down there. The 32-year-old took to Twitter earlier this week to share details about a larger film project he's working on called Kuso and ask his fans with production experience for help. Maybe he can pull from the pool of producers who put together the edits and graphics for this hilarious vid.

In the meantime, check out FlyLo's hilarious email-checking beat skills above.

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