Troy Ave has been at the center of a media storm that started when a shoot out occurred backstage at a T.I. show in New York, with security footage later revealing that Troy himself was a participant. Amidst the charges leveled against Troy, which include attempted murder, and his lawyer's pleas for help from the public, is the matter of new music, which the Brooklyn rapper was apparently set to release before his legal situation escalated.

With Troy's “Chuck Norris (Hoes N Gangstas)" dropping over the weekend (June 4) there was a slight indication that a project was to follow, and XXL can now confirm that the mixtape Free Troy Ave is set to drop at some point this afternoon or evening. All of the music contained on the mixtape was recorded before the Irving Plaza incident (May 25) with the title of the project obviously changed to reflect his current predicament.

The mixtape was initially titled Real Vs. Fake, but recent events have caused a title change. Troy Ave has received support from 50 Cent, Meek Mill and Mr. Muthaf#@kin Exquire following the shootout, which left him hospitalized with a gun shot wound to the leg. Police had uncovered three weapons from the van that took Troy to the hospital, including the firearm believed to be the murder weapon in the death of Troy's security guard Ronald "Banga" McPhatter.

Check back with XXL later in the day once Free Troy Ave drops and for all developments in the rapper's ongoing case. The mixtape cover art can be seen up above.

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