Fetty Wap's RGF Productions is gearing up for their first compilation album. The Fetty Wap imprint will be releasing a project called RGF Island Vol. 1 showcasing the various artists on RGF Productions. While this is more of a chance for his artists to shine, Fetty Wap's presence is still felt on this one. The New Jersey native will contribute to eight of the 17 tracks on the compilation.

In a conversation from earlier this year, Fetty Wap told XXL fans could expect to hear him on a lot of hooks and different sounds. It looks like this compilation is part of those plans.

"I think, probably this year, I’m trying to do a lot of hooks and ship them out," Fetty Wap said. "I’ve been really trying to create this wave of different sounds and just hand them out, and see who like it. You know what I mean? Make some art with this music. Let people choose what they want. Come this summer, there’s going be a whole a lot of Fetty Wap or Future and Fetty Wap. We’ll see what happens."

Check out the tracklist for RGF Island Vol. 1 below and pre-order it now on iTunes.

1. RGF - "Intro"
2. Fetty Wap - "Cold Summer" Feat. Jugg Man and 4Ktay
3. Khaos - "Neiman Marcus" Feat. 2G'z, Kash and Punchie
4. Guwii Kidz - "In the Kitchen (Remix)" Feat. Fetty Wap and Oskama
5. Tapia - "Drop It"
6. 4Ktay - "Tuh"
7. M-80 - "Patron and Percs" Feat. Fetty Wap
8. House Party - "Lately" Feat. Fetty Wap
9. Inas X - "Love Is (Remix)" Feat. Monty
10. B'iousha - "#InstaLove (Remix)" Feat. Fetty Wap
11. Monty - "Nun Else" Feat. Fetty Wap
12. Fame - "Ohh Yea" Feat. M-80
13. Huncho - "Turn Up wit Me" Feat. Monty
14. Guwii Mitch - "Please Don't Call Me"
15. Oskama - "Gotta Love It" Feat. Fetty Wap"
16. Guwii 23 - "Savage Talk"
17. RGF - "Outro"

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