Dreezy's debut album is scheduled to drop in just a few weeks. The Chicago rapper has revealed the tracklist for her upcoming LP No Hard Feelings, which will be released on July 15 via Interscope Records. The album is led by the Jeremih assisted single "Body."

No Hard Feelings will include 19 tracks with guest appearances by Gucci Mane, Wale, T-Pain and the aforementioned Jeremih. Dreezy's debut is slated to be an Apple Music exclusive that will only be available on the streaming service during its first week out. A week after July 15, the album will be released on other streaming outlets.

XXL caught up with Dreezy earlier this month as she explained that a lot has changed in the last year. The 22-year-old said that she's become more independent out of necessity.

"I came in with a whole crew; it’s just me now," Dreezy said. "I found out a lot of people are fake, a lot of people was around for the wrong reasons. I found out some people are thieves. I lost my boyfriend; I’m not with him no more. I just really had to be independent. I always been independent, I just had to be about me. That’s what my daddy was basically teaching me anyway. You got to be selfish; you can’t worry about everybody else. I was worried about the producer, I was worried about my boyfriend, I was worried by my friends, my family."

Check out the tracklist for Dreezy's No Hard Feelings below.

1. "Wake Da Fuck Up Intro"
2. "We Gon Ride" Feat. Gucci Mane
3. "That’s My Cousin"
4. "Spazz"
5. "Body" Feat. Jeremih
6. "Drunk Jamal"
7. "Wasted"
8. "Afford My Love" Feat. Wale
9. "Don’t Know Me"
10. "Da Guys (Sean Skit)"
11. "Bad Bitch"
12. "Worth It"
13. "See What You On"
14. "What’s Da Tea?"
15. "Close To You" Feat. T-Pain
16. "Ready"
17. "Sean vs. Jamal"
18. "Break The News"
19. "Invincible"

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