Things are wilder than ever on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta this week and the madness begins with Karlie Redd meeting with Tommie to talk about the fact that she informed Joseline of their private discussions. Tommie pegs it as her being a true friend, but Karlie begs to differ, leaving their relationship shaky.

Dawn, Mimi Faust's former confidante, makes her second appearance on this season by meeting with Joseline. Dawn informs Joseline that she befriended KK King while in prison and never reconnected after their release. Dawn believes that KK King has been spreading lies about her to Tommie, resulting in their scuffle while at Joseline's video release party. Dawn also insists that she values Joseline's friendship and Joseline admits that she played a role in the deterioration of their relationship as well, and decided to put the past behind them.

Stevie J walks in on Joseline and Dawn's meeting then confronts Joseline about her association with Dawn in light of his turbulent relationship with his friend-turned-foe. Stevie feels that she's secretly plotting to help Joseline get around the terms of her contractual agreement with Stevie. Joseline threatens that she'll get a subpoena to get a copy of her contract, but Stevie refuses and reiterates that she's under his control.

Karlie Redd and Scrapp meet up to discuss a business deal, in part to spite Tommie for her perceived betrayal. Scrapp feels that Karlie is interested in more than just doing business, but remains leery in case Tommie and Tiarra pop out on him in an ambush. After suggesting that he and Sass do business with her new record label, Karlie says that her and Lyfe Jennings are talking, but she hasn't been able to get in touch with him, opening the door for things to get hot and heavy between the two. Karlie then begins to flirt with Scrapp under the guise of an invitation to her online radio show and the two begin to kiss and get frisky with each other.

Joseline visits K. Michelle at the R&B star's new home in Atlanta. She's returned with vengeance on her mind for a few former foes, including Rasheeda and Mimi, and plans to invite them to her listening party for her album. The Puerto Rican Princess denies that she threatened to blackmail Karlie and that she just warned her to watch what she says about her. K. Michelle promises to talk with Karlie to ease her fears of being exposed by Joseline.

Stevie J links up with Mimi and the two discuss Dawn's unexpected appearance at Joseline's video release party. He also mentions Dawn and Joseline's meeting, and her demands for a copy of her contract. Stevie then asks Mimi if he could crash at her home until he mends the rift between him and Joseline. Although Mimi says she'll have to speak with Chris to see if she's okay with the arrangement, she believes that Joseline and Stevie need space and wants to be the one to help.

Tommie and Joseline meet up again and Tommie apologizes for attacking Dawn, but explains that she had reason to due to Dawn's slanderous comments about her. Joseline then accuses Tommie of playing the fence and that she feels disrespected by Tommie causing a issue at her party. Tommie takes responsibility for her actions and blames her behavior on alcoholism in light of her and Scrapp's failed relationship.

There's no denying Karlie Redd and Scrapp's chemistry. Karlie tells Jessica Dime about her encounter with Scrapp and admits that she's smitten over him. Jessica Dime warns Karlie about the drama that dealing with Scrapp can bring, but Karlie contends that she's unbothered by Tommie and Tiarra's feelings. Karlie's also not concerned about her relationship with Lyfe, as she intends to make Scrapp her man. Jessica Dime then reveals her recent dealings with Scrappy, a revelation that shocks Karlie Redd, but would prove to be the catalyst for bad blood down the line.

Chris, who has been slowly sucked into the drama by Mimi's dealings with Stevie J and Joseline, feels that their relationship is on the rocks due to Mimi's rekindled friendships. When Mimi brings up Stevie J staying at her home, it proves to be too much for Chris, who advises Mimi to fix her situation with her family and decides to break things off with her, but promises to be there for her during her times of need.

K. Michelle invites Karlie to the video shoot for her new video, "Mindful" and the two catch up on their recent happenings. After leaving Atlanta on a bitter note, K. Michelle has decided to extend invitations to all of the females, but opts not to offer Jessica Dime an invitation due to their differences. When K. Michelle mentions wanting to invite Joseline, Karlie Redd is perturbed that Joseline will be in attendance, but K. Michelle is adamant about both being present and refuses to choose sides in the beef.

Rasheeda, Jessica Dime, Karlie Redd, and Mimi meet up to celebrate Ariane's birthday. Karlie Redd reveals that K. Michelle is back in Atlanta and hands out the invitations K. Michelle gave her for her listening party to the women, who are less than enthusiastic about the singer's return. Jessica Dime takes issue with not getting an invite, effectively putting any hope for the two to coexist on shaky ground.

Jessica Dime spots Bambi in the building with Chaz Gotti and decides to make her presence known by approaching the pair's table and informs Bambi of her recent intimacy with Scrappy. Bambi is in no mood to hear about Scrappy's encounters with other women and takes issue with Jessica Dime's behavior and the two begin to bicker back and forth. Things got ugly and words were exchanged, setting the wheels in motion for the latest beef on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.