Denzel Curry has been bubbling for a few years now, and after dropping his well-received project Imperial LP earlier this year, 2016 might be his time to shine. But how many people really know what makes him tick? The South Florida rapper recently dropped a mini documentary titled Knotty Head where he opens up about his grind, motivation to rock crowds and his brother's death.

Shot by Fact Magazine, cameras followed the dreaded up rapper as he prepares for a show. "Before a show I just think about my failures - all my failures," he says. "How do I translate all my pain into power."

In a later scene, the gold-mouthed rapper walks the streets while jokingly reflecting on his past. Curry also opens up about his late brother who died after being tazed by police officers. "I know his energy is still around," he says. "Once you die, your energy doesn't just fade away. Your energy transcends into something else. I feel like he gave me protection."

The Miami MC is currently in the running for a spot in the 2016 XXL Freshmen Class. He recently stopped by the office to give his pitch on why he should be selected. "For years I been doing my own thing - being independent. I didn't sign with anybody, but I still garnered the same type of buzz and success as all these artists that's coming out," he said. "Even the new up-and-coming artists that's already signing to people, I still managed to maintain my own fan base, and not sign to anybody at all. That's what makes be different."

Check out Knotty Head above.

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