After making his first public performance in February following a three year hiatus to attend to his mental health, the class of 2009 XXL Freshman Charles Hamilton is back where it all started - on the internet. The Harlem rhymer revealed his new blog along with a surprise EP, which he debuted on his new virtual diary site.

Hamilton first began catching a buzz in 2008 when he hit the blogosphere with his "Hamiltonization Process” in which he went guerrilla style and released a series of tracks and mixtapes on nearly every outlet who would publish him. However, his mental health took a blow as he was suffering with un-diagnosed bi-polar disorder. The illness lead to erratic behavior which was also documented by the media just as his music was in the past.

But time off seems to have suited him well. The six-track effort finds Hamilton in a soulful lane, rhyming about his life in isolation, the ladies and the pressures of fame. He even samples, Rihanna’s “Same Ol’ Mistakes” (off her platinum ANTI album) on his “07 Brand New Person,” an upbeat track which finds Hamilton “feeling like a brand new person….starting to feel alive.” In the past he once dedicated an entire mixtape to the Bajan Beauty.

In addition to dropping new music via his Enter the Hamilton blog, Hamilton is also publishing messages to his fans and family. He opened about the inspiration behind his “Reaper Series,” by starting off with a definition:

"Reaper is defined as a person or machine that harvests a crop.
So, are we as people harvested?
How grim is it to die, if you are merely a part of a harvest?
To play Devil's Advocate, how mere is it to be part of a harvest?

When you sign a deal with ANYONE (but especially in the music business), you become a crop.
Management harvests you, to the label.

The grim reaper(s) is/are the fans, as they determine the success of you and your craft."

He also published a birthday message to his late mother and a few other interesting open diary entries. He even put his entire discography (around 200 projects) up for download at the bottom. It sounds like he is officially in a much healthier space. Check out the new EP above.

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