Domo Genesis has been talking about his debut album since 2014 but after the breakup of Odd Future and numerous push backs, it appeared that Genesis was in danger of getting lost in the shuffle. Fortunately, the West Coast MC took to Twitter yesterday (Feb. 17) to announce that the album is done and turned in.

"Turned the album in today, I'm not blowing smoke, this really happening. It's insane," he tweeted. "I took all my experiences and influences and made it into something beautiful. It's been a real journey thus far, I'm incredibly happy with with this project, it's me as fuck."

Outside of his weekly Dash Radio show, things had been quiet on the Domo front until he dropped "KWYM (Keep Working Young Man)" in early January. His last full-length project, Under the Influence 2, came out way back in November of 2014. Shortly after the release of the mixtape, the People's Champ spoke to XXL about his debut album and what he hoped it would sound like.

"I got more confident with my voice and who I am as a person and an outlook," he said. "I really went out on some individual shit and got better with myself before I started working on the album. I really wanted it to be on some old Odd Future shit where Tyler and Left Brain take over the production on the album. Just have it like old times with a better me.

"Back then we already had the formula perfect. So if we can find a way to reinvent that wheel and make it better, I think it's just going to take off. I got a lot of songs and a lot of ideas. I want to get it perfect; I don’t want to rush it out."

The currently untitled project does not have a release date.

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