Chance The Rapper fought hard with Kanye West .for "Waves" to be included on The Life of Pablo, but the song we've heard might not be the only version that exists.

Last night Chance posted snippets of himself vibing to "Waves" on Snapchat, but it sounded a little different. No info on the alternate version is available, but it's easy to imagine that Kanye has tinkered with songs from the LP since releasing it to Tidal this past Saturday night.

On the alternate version he posted, Chance is also singing on the track alongside Chris Brown. On Twitter, Chance said he wrote and arranged the song. "I make great decisions," he proclaimed. "S/o to @chrisbrown I been a fan since day one."

"Waves" is a popular pick amongst listeners of the album, along with "Ultralight Beam," another song Chance performs on. Not only does he kill the closing verse, but he also helped produce the song along with Kanye, Mike Dean, Swizz Beatz, Rick Rubin, and Fonzworth Bentley.

Whether we'll ever hear the alternate version of "Waves" Chance plays on Snapchat is unknown at this time. There's a good chance that if Kanye ever drops physical copies of the album, there might be new edits to certain songs. It might also be possible that the new, official stream Kanye posted to his website last night also contains changes to some tracks. After all, Yeezy is known as a relentless perfectionist (ever hear the story of how many mixes he did for "Stronger"?), so it makes sense that these songs continue to evolve throughout the album rollout process. Weird, for sure, but also totally unique.

Hear Chance preview the alternate "Waves" below.

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