Erykah Badu participated in one of Reddit's Ask My Anything sessions today (Dec. 16) as she continues to promote her new mixtape But You Caint Use My Phone. Badu answered a variety of questions from Reddit users and heaped some significant praise on Kid Cudi's new album Speedin' Bullet to Heaven while doing so.

Badu was asked what her favorite album of the year was. "I'm really digging what Kid Cudi just put out. Courageous," Badu wrote. The veteran singer was very open during this Q&A with fans. Check out some of Badu's notable answers from the AMA below.

On her favorite "new school" rappers: "Kids from Divine Council, Earl Swearshirt, Thugger, John Poppy, Wiz, Future, Kanye still in there, Gucci still in there.”

On the tea she made for Drake: "I made Drake my cinnamon / lime surprise... Stirred it in the direction of the planet's rotation."

On what it was like working with A Tribe Called Quest: "Was heavenly. Tip and I are very close. I was greatly influenced by Tribe. Learned a lot about jazz thru Tip."

On the similarity of her album Mama's Gun to D'Angelo's Voodoo: "I think that what we have in common is that we both create movements instead of albums."

On Young Thug: "I love hugger a lot. He's grown in his art in his own lane."

On Tyler, The Creator: "Tyler is a genius. Period."

On the idea that she makes rappers better: "I think that urban legends are best kept legend. I am aloof."

On artists she might work with in the future: "I never really think about that. But when someone comes along with something in my lane, I might hop on."

For more of Erykah Badu's Q&A, including her answers to questions unrelated to music, head over to Reddit to read the entire AMA.

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