Kanye West's fashion endeavors take their latest turn when his Yeezy Season 2 collection arrives in stores this Thursday. Ahead of its release, Kanye gives everyone a behind the scenes look at what went into making the Yeezy Season 2 collection. Not surprisingly, Kanye decide to do so in an unexpected way. Instead of a typical behind the scenes, the Chicago rapper gives viewers a glimpse into the creative process through a silent documentary.

The film showcases Kanye and many employees at work as they prepare the Yeezy Season 2 collection. Everything from the design blueprints and modeling the clothes to a typical day in the factory is displayed. This may be the closest many get to any of the Yeezy Season 2 collection considering the large prices that each piece will cost. It also shows where Kanye's focus has been while the new album SWISH takes a backseat for the time being. You can watch the film over at Yeezy.supply.

While Kanye's attention may be steered toward fashion at the moment, he hasn't neglected the musical side when it comes to his creative output. Kanye recently dropped two songs: a revamped version "Say What You Will" and a remix of The Weeknd's "Tell Your Friends" which he dubbed "When I See It.