Former XXL Freshman Angel Haze is unapologetically open about her past and present personal issues. She came in the game being as honest as one can be, with the track "Cleaning Out My Closet" where she recounted being raped as a child, and since then her life has been somewhat of an open book. She's still telling her story. Recently penning a new column with Noisey, the Michigan MC opened up about her struggle with finding acceptance as a teen, and how youth all over the country are severely suffering from the same issues which are leading to wide-spread depression.

"Teenage depression is becoming an epidemic," she wrote. "So many fans have written to me about self-harming and anorexia. Read the Twitters read the Tumblrs, see the messed up thoughts that go on in this generation. Yet at the same time, music has become relentlessly upbeat, with things like “We Can’t Stop” and “Timber”. It’s like going to church and watching the pastor preaching about how God is going to make your life better if you just pray to him and then going home and praying and seeing nothing happening. It feels like you’re in an environment where everyone’s going “yaaaaaaay” and you feel like “Holy shit my life could actually change, I’m happy right now, this is great I’m gonna go home and apply this” and nothing happens. It’s very much a social thing, you go out to clubs you have a fucking blast with your friends, then you go home and fucking hate yourself."

Check out the full column HERE.