It might be a long time before Snoop Dogg makes his way back across the Pond. For the second time while touring overseas in Europe the California legend has had a run in with the law. This time authorities seized $422,000 in cash from the rapper in an airport in Italy. According to Time, Dogg was stopped at customs at the Lamezia Terme airport in Calabria with the cash cache. Problem is, travelers moving in the European Union are required to declare $11,000 or more in cash. Obviously, he was moving with well above the legal limit.

According to the report, under Italian anti-money laundering codes, half of the cash was confiscated. It will later be returned sans any fines that could be levied by the magistrate. Talk about a buzz kill.

As previously reported, the Doggfather claims he was a victim of racial profiling last week during an encounter with Swedish police. Snoop was briefly arrested on drug suspicion when he was stopped after leaving a show in the area. He was taken to the station and made to submit a drug test, which he says he miraculously passed, and later released. Snoop promised to never come back to the country again. But with the type of guap he is pulling in on his overseas jaunts, it will be hard to resist.

As it stands, the show must go on. Snoop has about a week left in his Euro trek and is scheduled to perform at the Kendal Calling Festival in England on today.