Maybe it was the result of too many in-flight mixed drinks, but when Mac Miller went off last week with a Twitter-tailored stump speech, he sounded sincere, excited and more than a little bit scared. And understandably so: For the first time since he signed a massive deal with Warner, the Pittsburgh frat boy made good will be dropping a solo album for the masses. His first LP on a major label, it brings with it the pressure of topping 2013's woozy, psychedelic Watching Movies With the Sound Off and justifying his label deal for the artists he wants to groom and develop. Now, that album has a name and release date: Good A.M. and September 18, respectively.

In an interview with Hot 97 (that has been taken down for the time being, possibly because Mac alluded to a music video that is "online now" but has not yet been released), Mac said that he'll be going on tour at the end of September, but he couldn't confirm any other acts on the bill. Though he didn't elaborate much as to what the album might sound like, he spoke at length about his commitment level. "My focus has been on making classics, the best that I can," Miller said. "Making music the best that I know how to. Getting everything right for the people, I am a man of the people." He also addressed his seeming absence from the rap world over the last couple of calendar flips: "All I did for two-and-a-half years—everyone's like, 'Where you been? Where you been?'—it was just me in this room with the door closed making music." On a sadder note, it turns out Miller's dog was eaten by a coyote. Stay tuned to XXL for the full interview when it becomes available.