Talk about a setback. Azealia Banks recently revealed she will be prohibited from dropping new music for the next eight months. The controversial MC took to Twitter to update her fans on her current situation telling them not to hold their breath in expectation of any new material before March 2016. Reasoning for the halt in production has to do with fine print in her recording contract. "So prospect park has me for management and Label (stupid azealia, right) now Jeff kwatinetz no longer wants to manage me holding me in my album contract until february 2016. so….. there won't be any new music until March 2016. sorry guys," she typed.

The Harlem MC chalked it up as a learning experience. "Pain from the game… i guess i was so desperate to get my album out that i took a bad business deal.. oh well, the months will fly by," she typed.

Glass half full, Banks has more than enough time to come up with some new material.