Baseball and hip-hop don't have the same relationship as the music and culture does with basketball, but the Straight Outta Cooperstown Tumblr page is looking to change that. The genius who came up with the concept reimagined historic baseball cards and replaced the heads of players with the bust of a rapper. With that, Lou Brock became Lou Brock Shakur; Mel Ott became Missy Mel Ott; Connie Mack becomes Kanye Mack; Phil Rizzuto becomes Phil RZAto; Carl Yastremzemski becomes Carl Nastrezemski and so on and so forth. Each picture is captioned with a baseball reference made in one of the respective rapper's songs. The full Tumblr can be seen here and we suggest you get over there immediately. We reached out to the three creators for a statement via email.

"It started as a few random puns but the more we thought about, the more we realized that there are some pretty cool overlaps between baseball and hip-hop (even though on the surface they don't seem to have a lot in common)," the trio wrote in a statement provided to XXL. "The plan was always to time it with the baseball Hall Of Fame induction weekend [Ed. Note: That's happening this weekend in Cooperstown, New York], but the upcoming release of the movie Straight Outta Compton was a nice coincidence."

The relationship between America's pastime and America's current most popular genre of music is growing. Along with the Straight Outta Cooperstown Tumblr, a study done by Billboard released this week revealed that Drake is a favorite amongst Major League Baseball players. According to the study, a Drake song (where he is either featured or the lead artist) has been picked 17 different times, number that beats out AC/DC (14 times), Jay Z (11) and Big Sean (10).

During this year’s Houston Appreciation Weekend, Drake and comedian Hannibal Burress suited up for the weekend’s charity softball game. Based on the footage, it’s safe to say scouts won’t be blowing up Drizzy’s phone any time soon. Drake, who batted 5th–a spot usually reserved for power hitters–for his squad, struggled at the plate and his OVO Team lost 8-3 in the game.