You know how, after a long day of playing one of the world's most popular sports at the highest possible level, leading your division in pursuit of your second straight American League pennant and making millions of dollars in the process, you just want to kick back with your friends? The Kansas City Royals know just what you're going through. But they, like you, have to deal with those pesky reporters swarming their lockers while they try to get undressed and drive home. So to pass the time and to make things in the clubhouse more entertaining, the Royals have taken to slipping "1738" into all of their post-game interviews. The numbers, a nod to Fetty Wap, get broken up into batting stats, the likelihood a first baseman is going to pick a throw, the speed of an incoming pitch--just about anything. As FOX Sports Kansas City points out, the Royals have gone so far as to fine one another if they fail to drop the digits. They seldom do.

As for Fetty, the 2015 XXL Freshman continues to dominate the radio dial of literally every single car that passes you on your commute. Despite not having dropped a mixtape, album or EP since he became a household name, he's inescapable, and currently has three singles in the top 20 of Billboard's Hot 100. ("Trap Queen," "My Way" and "679" make him the first male rapper to accomplish the feat since Eminem did it in 2013 with cuts from The Marshall Mathers LP 2.) Watch his Freshman freestyle below: