Every year, the XXL Freshman cover shoot is the most hectic day on the calendar. After months of listening to music, researching new talent, having hundreds of meetings and speaking to dozens and dozens of potential candidates, the list has been whittled down to the 10 up and coming artists poised to make a splash in the coming year. But pulling it all together is just the preliminary work; the real craziness happens at the shoot itself. With 10 artists, their entourages and managers, publicists and label personnel, plus stylists and video crews and photographers, keeping everyone quiet and the cover under wraps is difficult enough. Trying to get all 10 artists through their freestyles, cyphers, roundtable discussions, video interviews, magazine interviews, solo photo shoots and everything else—all before finally shooting the actual cover photo at the very end—is grueling for everyone involved.

But that doesn't mean it's not fun. The day is one of those extended rare moments where spontaneous things happen, conversations occur, people meet and lay the groundwork for future collaborations and the sheer randomness of having 10 completely different artists all in one room together sharing their creativity becomes one of those memories you won't forget. This year's 2015 XXL Freshman Class—which includes Fetty WapDeJ LoafVince StaplesTinkGoldLinkShy GlizzyK CampOG MacoRaury and fan-voted 10th spot winner Kidd Kidd—would probably agree. All this month we've been rolling out this Class' freestyles and cyphers, putting out lists of the best albumsbest mixtapes and best collaborations from every XXL Freshman past and present, asked former Freshmen to share advice for this year's Class and even loosened things up by zeroing in on the best selfies from all our Freshmen over the years. Today, we reached out to 31 former XXL Freshmen to ask them for their favorite memories from their hectic Freshman cover shoot. —As told to XXL Staff


Crooked I
Class of 2008

In hindsight it was epic, because I met my partner and brother Joell Ortiz there. The ill part is how we were positioned next to one another on the cover looking like two quarters of the Slaughter already! God's work. You're never famous in the ghetto until you're on TV or a magazine cover. My hood-fame was at an all-time high when that cover dropped. It was also my second XXL cover, so I had two bodies until I caught another one with the Shady 2.0 crew! I only need one more body, that Crooked I solo cover... Watch me work.

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Power 96.1's Jingle Ball 2013 - Backstage

Gorilla Zoe
Class of 2008

At the time [becoming a Freshman] was just a whirlwind. At the time, I really didn’t know what it was. Then when y’all did the same thing the next year and then year after that, I was more like, I’m a part of a class, that’s part of history. It meant a lot. It did affect my career; a lot of people seen the front page and it was love after that. I was on the front of that XXL, so that’s like you made it for real.

I think my initial situation was a little different than everybody else. Well, not everybody, it was a couple dudes on there that we created our own buzz in the streets. You already had a fan base so it was people that were already listening before your official album came out. The label will pay more attention to you after your buzz grows and of course the XXL cover, the Freshmen class, it helps your buzz.

It was a bunch of dudes from different places in America. It was a lot of different vibes, it was crazy. Everyone was doing their thing though. That was the first time I was on the cover of a magazine.


Joell Ortiz
Class of 2008

My experience at the photoshoot was memorable. I looked to my left and right and saw what some people believed to be the future of hip-hop. Artists that I respected we're telling, showing me how much I was respected. It felt good. I actually met Crooked I, my fellow group member in Slaughterhouse, at that cover shoot. Who would've known that just a few years later we'd be in the same group, become great friends, and feed our families together? That's the beauty of that Freshmen shoot. You just don't know what happens at, and after, the shoot. I had a great time kicking it with my peers that day. Some of us remain, some are long gone. But we all won't forget that moment. I'm sure of that.

The best moment of being a Freshman was buying that magazine issue and saying, "Wow, I'm on the cover of XXL." The shoot is fun and inspiring, but when you actually see the finished product, it's PRICELESS. You have been validated. You're in. How long you stay in, that's on you. But for that moment, you're in. Fans are proud, other artists start paying attention, mom is crying, friends are celebrating, and your team is rejoicing. It's just a GREAT time! Your job it to make it last forever! I thank XXL for allowing me to take part in their Freshmen series. As an artist in, what I consider, my prime, I look back at that kid on that cover and smile. He made it. XXL had a hunch, and they were RIGHT!!! #Yaowa

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Class of 2008

I don't really remember anything that stuck out, but I do remember it was definitely a good look, and it had a great impact out there for the audience and everybody. I mean, it definitely helped me on my path of where I was trying to go. You know what it is? I don't even remember that they did it together. They kinda put me on there kinda late; I don't remember exactly how it went, but if I remember, I didn't get to shoot with them. So I didn't really have that experience, so you probably gotta ask some of them.


Class of 2008

I was just more happy about being on the cover of XXL than anything. I was like, I’m on the XXL cover, I don’t care if it’s with nine other dudes; I’m on the cover. At that time, a lot of the guys that were on the cover with me were guys that I highly respected. Guys like Lupe, Papoose, and Lil Boosie; all of them I really respected. To even share a cover with those guys who are legendary in their own right, was a good thing.

It was a new concept but it was still XXL. It was new but the magazine was already established and doing well. And we did something for the first time, so now when these guys are on it and are all happy about it, me and Joell Ortiz are like, we were the original 10 guys that was on it. I could probably still name all 10 guys that are on there, that’s how important it was to me.

Some people still screenshot the cover and tell me this is the best cover of lyricists ever. As far as lyricists, not guys who have went on to blow up, but it was more lyrical-driven artists on that first cover.

We didn’t have a show when I was on the cover, that came later when they starting getting shows. We didn’t get all that fancy shit 'cause I guess it was the first time so they didn’t know if it was going to work or not. I like [the cover] because it gives the young artist something to strive for throughout the year, other than just getting a record deal. Every newcomer wants to be on that cover. They go hard. It’s really hard, though, when you’re in the running and you get your weight up and then the next year they like, "You ain’t no Freshman, you’re a sophomore."

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Young Dro
Class of 2008

The photoshoot was amazing. When we walked in, they just had it laid out. It was a dream come true as a rapper. I’m glad I was well-rounded and well-grounded at that point because it probably would have blew my mind the way they had it laid out for me. Y’all the new guys! You know what I am saying? Everybody is lookin’ at y’all now! It was overwhelming. I’ll never forget it. It always replays in my mind that I was apart of the Freshmen Class, and still does today. You know what I mean? There’s a lot of cats on there that’s not around now. Feels good to be here. It was a great year for my age, it was a great year to be, you know, the first time of the Freshmen Class. First time they even made a cover like that. It was hustle. We was reigning supreme.

Some of the best moments? We were getting called out to do different shows they had us on. Different things they had us representing. It was offers. When they seen us on the cover, they was like, man, I got so many calls. The benefits from it was so great. Things that they were calling us out to do. They knew that we was the new guys that was on the block. The benefits from it was really overwhelming.


Class of 2009

The freshmen shoot was crazy, it was good getting up with everybody. It felt like Varsity tryouts or something. My best moment was hearing Kid Cudi talking about "Day 'N Night" for the entire interview, that was a big record. That's all he kept talking about. [Laughs]

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Class of 2009

I remember it was bright in the photo shoot, and it was me, Asher Roth, Wale and Kid Cudi and we went walking to the corner store. It was just crazy at the time; I didn't realize just how significant this cover was as far as what it would do for our careers. Just the type of launch pad that it was. So it's actually more significant now looking back at it, because at the time I don't think neither one of us understood the magnitude of how far we would go or how we would take off.

That was a crazy year. I remember shortly after that I dropped "Nothing On You" and my first album came out. That really changed the course of my music at the same time, too. The audience that I had gained and the people that I had reached, that whole year was just crazy for me, it really changed my whole life. One year.


Class of 2010

I liked how they referred us to the hustlers, not artists. They said “The New Breed Of Hustlers.” I liked how they ushered that in. My experience at the photoshoot, it was cool. I’m a really shy guy; I don’t talk much, I was probably the most quiet person there. I did get to chop it up with a few of the Freshmen though. Some of the guys are really cool guys like Pill and Wiz Khalifa. I remember smoking a lot of weed with Wiz Khalifa. I think maybe freestyling with Jay Rock and stuff like that. Bumping with Big Sean. Me and Big Sean didn’t hit it off too well. I think it was because our names were both “Sean.” "Hi, my name is Big Sean." The introduction didn’t really go over well. It’s all good. It was a cool moment to be an out of towner in New York, living the dream.

The best moments, I have to say, being on tour and going into a supermarket and then actually buying the XXL Freshmen Cover when it came out. Like, the day it came out. That was the best moment of the whole experience for me. That’s probably just as great as the actual photoshoot was when I actually saw it come to life. Actually picked up the magazine off the racks. People recognizing me as I am buying the magazine. That was the first time I got massive exposure. That was probably the greatest moment. After that, it was a lot of work. A lot of work. You know when that cover came out, a lot of touring and a lot of traffic. Let’s be clear about that. A lot of music trafficking.

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Nipsey Hu$$le
Class of 2010

That was my first national cover, so that was dope, when you walk into a 7-11 and see yourself on the cover of a magazine, that's always dope. And knowing what XXL means to hip-hop, getting the stamp from XXL for what we had been doing the year or two prior, it was an accolade that feels good when people notice your work. And also it's an expectation now, it's like, alright, what you gonna do? What's your career gonna look like? 'Cause you can always look back at the cover and say, "Yeah, XXL was right about these people, XXL was wrong about these people." And levels of success want to make you want to keep going, and I want to be one of those dudes when you look back and say, "Yeah, they was right about that dude. They assumed he was gonna be successful, and he was."

It was a lot of moments, you know? I think me and Jay Rock, we did an MTV piece together, and Kendrick was always moving with Jay Rock at the time, and Kendrick was on deck at the photo shoot, and you see what ended up happening to his career. It was a cool moment, everybody being in the building, taking pictures for the cover and the photoshoot. There was a lot of people in that room that were still building, and ended up doing real work. Wiz was on that cover, J Cole was on that cover, Big Sean was on the cover, myself, Pill was on the cover, OJ. But what happened with those dudes' careers—and mine included—everybody was moving forward. And you kinda had that feeling at the photo shoot, that we was gonna have a big next couple of years. It was an excitement, it was a little bit of competitiveness, camaraderie, but it was dope, though.

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Class of 2010

[When I got the call] it was one of the most gratifying moments in my early career because it meant that my music was appreciated. It meant that it was reaching out to a broader fan base than [just] the guys in my neighborhood. In the beginning I was just doing it for the guys in my neighborhood and for recognition in the trap. So to be called to be a part of the XXL freshmen class, the XXL Freshmen 10, it was surreal. I was very appreciative of the opportunity to be seen on a broader scale.

It definitely put me on a bigger plateau. I got noticed, 'cause XXL is carried everywhere so people got a chance to see who I am. It definitely got more shows, more recognition; everything just started to go into hyper drive. My phone call volume was a little bit higher. I had a lot more cousins than I thought I had in the beginning. A lot more relatives jumped out of the woodwork and people were like, "He for real with it." And of course, I went on to sign a major label deal, signed with Warner Brothers. It was finally cemented with the cover and the label deal.

One of the funny memories was just being with all the guys. We were kind of tense at first and Vanessa told us, "You guys can relax." So Wiz Khalifa pulls out a big ass bag of weed and starts rolling up joints. So I’m like, "Dog, what you doing?" and he’s like, "She said we can relax." So we just started blowing and everybody was just laughing from that point on.

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Big K.R.I.T.
Class of 2011

It was crazy, just trying to finish up Return Of 4eva, and actually getting the call as far as being actually being on the XXL Freshmen cover. I saw CyHi Da Prynce in the airport, and I was like, "Hey, where you going?" and he was like, "I'm going to New York, where you going?" And I was like, "I'm going to New York." And it was like a secretive, don't tell anybody thing. And just being there and running into Yelawolf and everything, Mac Miller. I already had relationships with them as far as musically, and just seeing my partners there. And you know, just to be able to kind of brand myself, because at that point with all the [mixtape] covers I had been putting out, they never had my face on it. So to be able to put a name to the face, it was a major platform, to put my music into households that wouldn't even have known who I was.

But I ain't gonna front, I was nervous, because to tell you the truth, I was nervous too, because the freestyle portion was coming about, and everybody wanted to do their best. But it was dope, man, to be a part of the cypher, and there was so much camaraderie there, and everybody just wanted to see the next person win. It was beautiful; there's so many artists that came from that cover that are really doing their thing, and everybody's really taken off from there.

There was one thing that did stick out—aside from the cyphers—was to sit down at the roundtable with everybody talking about things in the industry, the pressures of the industry and what we all planned on doing with our careers after our albums came out. And to look at those conversations and to think about how everybody else still stayed true to themselves and how it all played out as far as everybody's careers, 'cause even Meek, his mentality was, "I'm gonna go as hard as I possibly can, and I'm gonna get it in now, because this might not come around again, so I'm not gonna take this for granted." So just to see his work ethic, and at his point, he wasn't playin', you know what I'm saying? And everybody thought that subject matter and lyrical content was really important, and if you really peep all the people on that cover, I think we all hold our own lyrically as well. So that was dope, too.

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Diggy Simmons
Class of 2011

It was fun, man. Just being a part of it, and those group of guys. XXL gave it to me when my career was just getting into that point where they felt like I deserved it. A lot was going on during that time for me—I was making my album, my fan base was just growing, gearing up to put out music—and then the cover came out. So altogether, with everything that was going on in my life, it was just a lot of big moments at once. And that just put the bow on it. Just having that stamp meant a lot.

You know, being amongst those guys—and of course with XXL being so legendary—it let a lot of people know. Some people it confirmed it, like, "Of course I knew," and some people were like, "Oh, shoot," you know? It was just an incredible opportunity, and it showed a lot of people that I deserved to be on it, and further confirmed it for the people who believed. I was just thankful to be able to get on it.

Just moving forward from [those experiences], coming out with my album, coming out with my music—even doing that show, which was one of my first 5-10 shows. And that show we did at BB Kings, I just got better from that experience. Being in front of a crowd another time while it was one of my first shows, it taught me a lot. I looked at the footage over on YouTube, and I was like, okay, these are the things I want to fix, these are the things I want to get better at. There were just things that happened that XXL provided that I gained experience from.

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"NBA 2K13" Premiere Launch Party

Fred The Godson
Class of 2011

It was crazy because, you know, I’ma brag. I’ma keep it 100. My Freshman Class was the best Freshman Class ever thus far. I was in there with a lot of people that got busy; you got Meek on the left of me, Kendrick on the right of me, Mac Miller, YG, Yelawolf. It was a lot of people. Big K.R.I.T. It was crazy. It was just a whole bunch of talent. The crazy thing about that Freshmen Class was everybody got busy, but it was really like 11 different styles. You had Meek, Mac. You had the homie, Lil B. I put that in bold letters man. My Freshmen Class, I had the ball. It was a privilege to stand next to them guys. Everybody laughing, chilling. Food there. Everybody doing the cypher. Who was cyphering with who. Meek came in and he had his barber cutting his hair. Shit was crazy. I was just there like three deep. It was like a tight shoot and they ain’t want anybody to get the cat out the bag, you had to be quiet about it. It was a beautiful thing. I’ll never forget that day.

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Mac Miller
Class of 2011

It was cool, man. At that point, I was just nervous. When I came out here and did the Freshmen show, I was 18, and it was right when the Internet started crackin', crackin'. All these dudes now that get on the cover, they're poppin', I can't even imagine what those shoots are like. But ours was tight, because everyone was really humble. And our cover was fuckin' gangsta, bro. You had me, Kendrick, Lil B, fuckin' Meek. And everyone was tight, but the fact that you had me, Kendrick and Lil B on the cover was fuckin' crazy.

I would say, just shit with B, man, that was kinda where me and Lil B met and we've been pals ever since. 'Cause he just showed hella love to me when I rolled up, and then when we got to the plane [afterward] we actually were sitting next to each other, so we had this hilarious flight home, where we were just talking, and it was pretty incredible.

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2015 iHeartRadio Music Awards On NBC - Red Carpet

Class of 2011

My experience was quiet; I really ain't know too many people except for Kendrick and Lil B at the time. So I wasn't saying much. I appreciated it though.

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Wicked Cider Event In Chicago

Danny Brown
Class of 2012

I wouldn't say anything stuck out, but that was my first time meeting a lot of people that I’m like super cool with now. So that was tight. Don Trip, I think I met Macklemore once before that but that’s when him and me really started to talk and kick it. Macklemore back then, who knew he was going to win a Grammy? So that was tight. I wasn’t really up on his music, but then I met him and started listen to his shit and was like, yo, this is tight. We had a lot of mutual friends, too. Over time I came to Seattle and we hung out or if I was in the area. We did festivals together; we always kicked it, now he's the man out here.

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Class of 2012

I have to say the best experience was when I released "Ill Mind Of Hopsin 5" around the summer time. It went viral, getting millions of views every single day. That was a huge moment for me in my career in general.

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2015 iHeartRadio Music Awards On NBC - Backstage And Audience

Iggy Azalea
Class of 2012

My experience as a Freshman was pretty rough. I feel like everybody got so up in arms about it, and then other people wanted to backtrack, and I don't feel like I was really supported enough about it. I feel like I wish people had stood behind the decision to put me on the cover a little more. But I'm still really glad I was on there, because it's still... I have it on my wall in my house right now. It's still a great accolade, and I'm very proud of being invited to be a part of it.


Kid Ink
Class of 2012

The shoot and the day was one of those things I felt like, everyone was excited, but not really knowing everyone—I don't think everyone on the cover was familiar with each other and didn't really meet until the shoot—it was a big introduction for everybody, and I think everybody was a little more humble in that sense. Just getting to know everybody and at the same time still not trying to be vulnerable. It was a weird vibe, but I think everyone was just excited at the same time and didn't wanna come off too cocky early. But still friendly and everything. It was a dope thing, man. Everyone was excited about the situation, but still trying to feel each other out and see who they vibe with the most.

I think the coolest moments was going around and vibing with everybody. There was so much pressure that day, and I think everyone was just so concerned with getting their freestyles off, but once it got to that point it was like, that's what everybody's mind was on, we gotta get these freestyles together and get these freestyles finished. And after the first run, and me getting my freestyle knocked off on the first go, that was the biggest moment for me. 'Cause I was like, we got that off, that's what I've been thinking about all week was making sure these freestyles were crispy. So I was lucky.

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2014 Budweiser Made In America Festival - Day 2 - Los Angeles

Class of 2013

That was cool. I grew up in a record shop, I was an avid fan of the hip-hop magazines and of course XXL. Just to be a part of XXL in any respect is crazy. We got high. Me and Q was in there high. We got some great weed. I think Action Bronson blessed us. He always blessed me. It was great.

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Action Bronson
Class of 2013

It was just cool to be on a fucking cover of a magazine. You know, to be thought of in that vein, to be on there. You feel me? It’s a lot of good times. I had some of my good friends there. I had the fucking rap homies there. Had Joey there, had Soul, had fuckin’ Q.

I have fun in every situation. It was a fun day. It was long, tedious or whatever. But it was good. I got to be honest, you know what was iller? When I walked in and I saw all of Trinidad Jame$’ shoes. Just the selection alone was fuckin’ enough for my day. It was incredibly funny. It was crazy. It was the shit.

I fucked with Soul beforehand. I fucked with Q beforehand. I fucked with Joey beforehand. I knew Trinidad. I don’t need nobody’s help. I don’t need to fucking do no crazy shit together, man. I’m a loner, like I said.

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Day 2 - Glastonbury Festival

Angel Haze
Class of 2013

I released my album, which was a first, and insane to think about. But also all the things that came as the aftermath for me, like now I'm working on my second project and I've done a bunch of features here and there. It's been a freaking blast. So i'll probably say that every moment since being a Freshman has been one of the best, if not the most, significant part of my life.

Yeah, I was the only girl there at the shoot. [Laughs] It was actually doing my cypher [that was my favorite moment]. It was really really interesting to watch; Dizzy and Logic they go for it there. I don't know; it was astounding that those guys are so talented lyrically, and I feel like the entire day I was just in awe to be around talent similar if not better than my own. It was really cool.

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Firefly Music Festival 2015 - Day 4

Dizzy Wright
Class of 2013

I think just when all the Freshmen came together, I kind of vibed with all the Freshmen. Like, I smoked with ScHoolboy Q and Ab-Soul and I got to see how fly Trinidad Jame$ is. If anybody was there, you know how fly Trinidad was; he came with all the clothes, just the energy. My Freshmen Cover year was the year Macklemore blew up. It was actually nice to see a Freshman from the year before do so well. Like, you got to keep working hard. I liked it all.

The cypher with me Logic and Angel Haze [was a highlight]. Me and Logic became really cool homies. We were already homies before that, but we became real cool homies after the cypher, [and] that's my brother now. That's probably my most memorable moment.

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Joey Bada$$
Class of 2013

It was pretty cool, you know, it was a very long day, very fucking draining. [Laughs] I knew Action, I knew Ab-Soul, I think that was the first time I met Q if I'm not mistaken. I knew Trinidad—or that might've been the first time I met him—the first time I met Dizzy was there, first time I met Logic was there. Shit, who else was on that shit with me? [Me and Dizzy] linked up there and we shared similar interests, and we were like, "Yeah, we should definitely work" and shit.

Photo Credit: Ryan Jay


Class of 2013

That was really dope, because It’s not necessarily that I keep to myself or reserved, it’s just I’m very, like, respectful of others and people’s space. So I wasn’t tryna be like, “Yo what’s up Action [Bronson]!”, I’m straight. Even though I’m fans of these people, you know I was, I was just tryna let everybody do their thing ‘cause it was a long ass fucking day.

The shoot was grueling, but fun and the whole time that I was there I was just thinking about how this isn’t—like, I want the cover by myself, you know what I’m saying? Like the whole time I’m like, “All right, cool, this is great, but I can’t wait 'til I get the cover by myself.” I was also thinking about some of my favorites from Cole to Sean, Kendrick, K.R.I.T., Mac Miller, that were on here previously. I think the funniest thing is when I would look at those covers, I was like looking at them up here like, “Wow, oh my God I can’t wait.” Then when you’re actually there, you realize that, 1) It’s an incredibly huge milestone, especially for somebody like me, you know who everybody’s like, who? You guys took a chance, which I appreciate, but once you’re there you realize that there’s so much more. I even remember Vanessa telling me, she was like, “A lot of people see this as the pinnacle, as IT, just make sure you don’t see it that way.” And I never did.

I guess the acknowledgement is dope because like, fuck what everybody else thinks. So, to be a part of that I think was the biggest—I remember the first time I ever got anything posted on XXL. Do you remember that shit? It was “Young Sinatra III” and I was in a hotel on my first tour. This was when I had my fan base but I was tryna get to the blogs and get to all this other shit and I remember y’all posted it and I was jumpin’ up and down like, “Damn XXL posted my shit, that’s crazy,’ you know?” [Laughs] So, to go from that to have you guys choose me to represent you, like, if I’m not successful that doesn’t look good on y’all. To know I have to do my best to stay at that high stature and to grow even more is dope, so that’s what I loved about it.


Trinidad Jame$
Class of 2013

All in all it was pretty smooth. I remember when I couldn't get my outfit together, that was pretty hilarious. But I ended up making it happen.

It was an honor and it was one of the only things that I wanted in the rap game. I was just happy to just be doing it. I felt like I was a true Freshman because I really was, and to be able to be on the cover, it kind of made sense to me. I've been collecting the cover since Freshmen Class started. It was dope; I got to actually be on the cover.

Photo Credit: Tom Medvedich


Jarren Benton
Class of 2014

I wouldn't say favorite moment, because the whole thing was exciting, sorta like getting butterflies in the stomach and all. I think it was the anticipation of waiting to see who was gonna be on the cover with me, you know? I think if I would say a favorite thing it would probably be meeting all the other artists and probably the freestyle shit, bro. The cyphers.


Lil Durk
Class of 2014

Just being on the cover, of course, is what I remember the most. Everybody that was on the cover, we was buzzing and all, and seeing everybody on the cover keep buzzing with all these new songs and shit, that was crazy. It was crazy, to be on the front page, the front cover of the magazine; a lot of people's dream is to be on that Freshman cover. Just getting new fans is part of it of course; everything counts.

Photo Credit: Shareif Ziyadat


Troy Ave
Class of 2014

I would have to say between getting a massage and changing my clothes. Having a dressing room at the shoot was dope.

Photo Credit: Bryan Allen Lamb


Vic Mensa
Class of 2014

What stands out the most is finding out the night before that y'all wanted me to be on the cover. Being in the studio at the time, writing some rap shit for the next day and then I flew in and I was dolo, you know what I'm sayin'? And they had those Gucci backpacks with the Swishers, and I definitely used that Gucci backpack for many months after that. But you know, in general it was just cool. It was dope because I think that the Freshman cover is pretty tried and true and always hits the mark on at least a couple people that are gonna be around. And most people that stick around have at one point or another been on it. So it was cool going up there and meeting people back then that I didn't know that I'm cooler with now, like Ty Dolla $ign, shit like that. In general man, it was fun. I had a good time.