Last year, A$AP Rocky was accused by a female fan of slapping her during the Made In America festival in Philadelphia. This is just one of many incidents where rappers and fans get physical. The fan, whose name is Lisamarie Wade, claims the rapper smacked her for no apparent reason as he made his way through the crowd, knocking her to the ground and disorienting her. Though the criminal charges against Rocky were dropped last year, the ex-fan is now dragging the process into the courts, and suing the Harlem-bred MC for damages of at least $75K, claiming that the slap from the A$AP Mob ringleader caused ailments which interfere with her ability to "enjoy society with her minor child as a young, single mother."

Rocky though, claims that he never touched the woman who is accusing him of smacking her. According to TMZ, Rocky has countered Wade's claims in legal documents. He denies ever touching Wade, saying that a pack of fans "aggresively moved towards" him, insinuating that the woman was possibly a part of that pack of fans. Despite the fact that he says a pack of fans were moving towards him and his crew, he adds that neither he or his entourage touched Wade, and said that Wade should have known that there could be trouble in place with so many people. Rocky wants the lawsuit to be thrown out.


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