DJ Whoo Kid has teamed up with SMH Records to bring you The Famous As Fuck mixtape on Oct. 28. Although it was originally scheduled to be released in August, SMH Records recently announced the mixtape has gone under several changes including a track list change featuring several new additional artists.

You can expect to hear features from XXL 2014 freshman Troy Ave, Twista, Dizzy Wright, Crooked I, Royce da 5'9 and more.

"The Famous As Fuck Tape went from being a Pink Grenade and DJ Whoo Kid mixtape to now being a SMH Records and DJ Whoo Kid mixtape album," Mike Smith, co-owner of SMH, says to HipHopDX. "The reason is because we wanted to showcase several other talents on our label, and we added a bunch of other major features. This is a producer driven album that Jonathan Hay and I did in the same vein as Quincy Jones' releases."

Check out the official track list below:

1) Remember When Intro's Were Dope by Jonathan Hay and Mike Smith feat Roc Raida

2) Famous As Fuck (Remix) by Pink Grenade feat Royce da 5'9

3) The Mirror by Mike Smith feat Crooked I and Pink Grenade

4) These Broken Wings by Hailstorm feat Inspecta Deck of Wu Tang Clan

5) Flower In The Addict by Side Project Propaganda feat Cyhi the Prynce and Vito Banga of Nappy Roots

6) 5th Ave (N.W.A) by Jonathan Hay & Mike Smith feat Pink Grenade and Bim Fernandez

7) Gold Blooded by Pink Grenade

8) Gossip by Horseshoe Gang feat Twista and Hailstorm

9) Razzy Dazzy (Remix) by Jonathan Hay feat Pink Grenade and Russ Smith

10) Lights Out by Pink Grenade feat Royce da 5'9 and Jup

11) Only Nigga in Mayberry by Side Project Propaganda feat Kool G Rap and Sadat X

12) 3 Days in LA by Pink Grenade feat Dizzy Wright

13) Knocking on Raps Door by Horseshoe Gang feat Pink Grenade

14) Whiskey Woman by Side Project Propaganda feat Russ Smith, Vito Banga of Nappy Roots Jup and Rob Jackson

15) Dear Music by The Hailstorm featuring Pink Grenade

16) We High by Pink Grenade feat Marsha Moyo

17) Andy Cohen by Pink Grenade featuring Zara Phillips

18) Lipstick by Bim Fernandez

19) Famous As Fuck by Pink Grenade feat Troy Ave

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