Throwback Thursday is becoming the most eventful day of the week for the Breakfast Club. Luckily this episode was more peaceful than Onyx's recent trip up to Power 105. Keith Murray, Fredro Starr's opponent in an upcoming battle, went by to speak with Angela Yee, Envy and Charlamagne and shared more than a few hip-hop war stories from his past.

Murray, who revealed the upcoming 20th anniversary of his hit The Most Beautifullest Thing In The World, had run ins with some key figures in the 90's including Tupac and a clash with Dame Dash that involved a bottle. But the most eye opening was his story of a battle with Prodigy of Mobb Deep outside legendary hip-hop club The Tunnel. During the fight the Def Squad member said the he and his team fought with Prodigy and his people on the street outside the club. The fight sprawled and as Keith chased Prodigy up the street his team beat members of his crew under a cab. The Long Island native also spent some time detailing his story of the Connecticut case that saw him receive three years as well.

Take a few minutes from your day and enjoy story time with Uncle Keith.